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How do lace front wigs work

Lace frontal wig(frontal lace wig) is one kind of lace wig. Why is a frontal lace wig so popular? How do lace frontal wigs work?

On the one hand, the frontal lace is thin and the color is so close to the skin that it seems to melt in the scalp.

On the other hand, the lace located on the front forehead and able to cover all your forehead(ear to ear)

Based on these features, lace fronts are able to give the appearance of the hairline and smooth the border between the wig and the skin. Therefore, in most cases,  people will not know that you are wearing a wig. The only thing they see is your natural and gorgeous hair.

What’s more, the lace area also brings considerable versatility to the front lace wig. You could just split your lace frontal wig from the middle or any side you like.Then use iron and wax to restyle your fabulous hair.

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