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How much is wig?

Buying a wig can be sometimes tricky and overwhelming. You can be confused with the scores of alternatives and feel cheated when you pay a high price for a wig. How much is wig? Is this wig worth it or not?

Here is good news for you; if you learn basic factors affecting wigs’ cost, you can buy your wig more confidently and increase your chance of buying the true wig for you. I summarize some of these factors and want to show how they reflect on wigs’ prices, in the remaining parts of this writing.

Table of Content

  1. Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair
  2. The Cap Type: Lace Wigs vs Other Cap Types
  3. The Wig Type
    • Short Wigs vs Long Wigs
    • Full vs Closure Wigs
  4. Wig Density and Length
  5. Other Factors affecting Wigs’ Cost
    • Wig Color
    • Wig Texture
    • Additional Features
    • Production Process
    • Buying Wigs Online
  6. How much should a good Wig cost?
  7. Conclusion

When you have a look at the websites of reputable wig vendors, you would find out that wig prices range from $30 to $ 2,000, except for wigs with rare features. The prices vary according to the criteria and factors, which I try to explain below. That said, I see that you can buy a high-quality wig that will ensure you both beauty and permanence, paying anything from $200 to $1,000.   

First of all, I will make these basic distinctions, which play role in wigs’ prices.

  1. Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

How much is wig? The first question is, what "wig" you need? human hair wig or synthetic wig?

This is the first distinction affecting wigs’ cost. Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs. I can say that 50 % of the price difference results from this distinction.

Human hair wigs are high quality and durable. They are also associated with luxury. They are easy to use and style. On the other hand, they need proper care. You need a good quality conditioner or shampoo to take care of them.

Synthetic hair wigs are more economical, still they have low quality. That said, they are ready to use. You do not have to style or maintain as carefully as human hair wigs. You can simply buy and use it whenever you need a wig.

We can make a further distinction for human hair wigs as human hair without cuticle, Remy hair and virgin hair wigs. Although some wigs can be 100 % human hair, i.e. no synthetic fibers are mixed with them, they may not be Remy hair or virgin hair wig. When it is the case, hairs are collected from different donors,  hair’s cuticle is stripped, and hairs are processed in a machine.

Remy hair is with intact cuticle and does not undergo a machine process, so it can keep the natural features of human hair for a long time. And, they do not dry, mat, tangle or brittle easily. However, hairs collected from different donors require a chemical process in order to turn them into a wig.  For virgin hair, there is one donor and no need for a chemical process to make a wig. That is why they maintain virtually every feature of natural hair.

All these explain the price difference between different human hair wigs, although they are made from 100 % human hair. In this case, virgin hair wigs are the most expensive. They are followed by Remy hair wigs. You can find 100 % human hair wigs, which are without cuticle and have undergone a machine process, at cheaper prices.

In conclusion, while synthetic wigs cost you $25 - $400, human hair wigs cost you $50 - $3,000 for the reasons that I stated above.   

  1. The Cap Type: Lace Wigs vs Other Cap Types

There are different cap types for wigs, such as monofilament top and lace front. When it comes to the natural look, lace front wigs are the best. Their frontal lace covering all around the forehead completely melts into your skin, making your wig virtually invisible and undetectable. Especially HD lace wigs are made from a special lace called Swiss lace. This lace is so thin and delicate that it is impossible for people to notice that you are wearing a wig.

As result, wigs with lace caps are more expensive.  It may cost you $400 - $3000. However, the money that you will spend on high-quality lace wigs would  be an investment on your beauty and self-confidence.  You can wear your stylish wig especially at important events without fear of being noticed.

  1. The Wig Type

There are different types of wigs. Different materials with different densities and features are used for each wig. This eventually reflects on their costs. Wigs, as well as their prices, can vary according to their size, color or material. In this regard, we can make this distinction:

  • Short Wigs vs Long Wigs

As fewer materials and hairs are used in short wigs, they would be less expensive. For example, while a human hair short wig would cost you approximately anywhere $45- $400, a human hair long wig would cost $100 - $1,400.

  • Full vs Closure Wigs

In the same way, again, full wigs would be more expensive.

  1. Wig Density and Length

The denser and/or longer a wig is, the more hairs will be needed. As a result, denser and/or longer wigs would be more expensive. For example, for an 8 -inch human hair lace wig, the price is $104, $131 and $150 for 130, 150 and 180 density wigs respectively.

  1. Other Factors affecting Wigs’ Cost
    • Wig Color

If you want a wig with different colors, the wig’s price becomes higher. Because more sophisticated process and a more number of hairs are needed for colored wigs. You will have to pay higher prices especially for wigs with rare colors.

  • Wig Texture

While you pay a moderate price for a straight wig, you will have to pay a higher price for curly hair, even if they have the same material, color, length and density.

  • Additional Features

If you want additional features like bleaching, plucking or highlighting, the wig’s price will be more expensive.

  • Production Process

If a wig is hand-made, it will take more time to make the wig, which will increase its prices.

  • Buying Wigs Online

Online wig stores are usually less expensive than physical wigs stores. Because online wigs stores have fewer overhead costs. So, you can pay less for the same wig when you buy it from an online store.

  1. How much should a good Wig cost?

When I say a good wig, I mean a wig that is as close as possible to original hair in terms of natural density, natural color and natural shine. A good wig should also have a long lifespan and be durable.

The price that you should pay for a good wig changes depending on the wig type that you want to buy. For example, for a good headband wig, you should pay $100-$240. Or for a good lace wig, you should pay $180-$900.

  1. Conclusion

Your budget will play a major role in your decision on how much you spend on a wig. However, if you want to have permanent beauty in the long run, we advise you not to waste your money, buying cheap and low-quality wigs. Instead, you should invest your money on high -quality wigs with moderate prices. We also respect the decision of those who need a wig temporarily and for daily use and buy cheap wigs. On the other hand, you can pay less for the same wig, buying it online from a reliable vendor.


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