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How to fix cheap wigs

Cheap wigs can be great fashion accessories, especially if you can't afford to spend on expensive real hair wigs. However, these wigs are so affordable that they tend to break and become damaged quickly if not properly maintained.  

In luvmehair, we treat cheap wigs just like the way we treat our hair because they are made of natural human hair, the way. This guide explains how to set cheap wigs with easy fixes that anyone can try at home.

Get Rid Of Tangles And Snarls.

To detangle your wig, place it on a Styrofoam wig head and secure it with a clip. Then use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to detangle. Start at one end of the section you're working on and gently comb or finger-comb through it while wiggling your fingers. This should get out some tangles. Then, grab another section and repeat—working your way across until you've gone over all of it. If there are still a few knots that won't come loose with regular brushing, spray them with water to help ease the tangles.

Wash With Warm Water

Add a few drops of shampoo into a basin of warm water; put your wig in the warm water and wash gently (you don't have to squeeze the wig while washing). Rinse very well with clean water and dry with a towel by wrapping it around the hair; you don't have to wring the wig.

Condition Your Wig

 Conditioning is highly recommended for human hair, as it makes your wig soft and silky. To deep condition, your wig, boil some water in a pot and place your unopened bottle of conditioner into it until it's warm. Then, remove your conditioner from the water and let it cool off before applying it to your wig with a wide-tooth comb. You can also use heated olive oil as a substitute for commercial products.

Brush Your Wig in Section

If you want your wig to last as long as possible, you must brush and style it regularly.  Try using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers; with practice, you can brush your wig without twisting it or damaging its structure. The more you wear and play with your wig, however, the more likely it is that something will go wrong at some point (particularly if you wear it every day). So we suggest taking regular breaks from wearing your favorite cheap wigs and giving them plenty of rest between wearing sessions.

Check the Fit

Some cheap wigs after so much use tend to slip around on your head—and that can make them quite uncomfortable after a while. To fix a wig that's too big, you'll want to get some wig tape. You can buy it online or in beauty supply stores. First, put a thin strip at your hairline and then two parallel strips down either side of your head. The tape should be very flat against your skin, so you may need to trim it (snip off some excess) as required for a better fit.

 Once it's in place, pull on one end of your wig to determine if it still needs adjusting. If it does, use scissors to carefully cut any strings hanging over your ears and try again. Next, put another layer of tape over each piece you just secured when everything looks good. This will hold all those stubborn strands in place!

- If your wig isn't fitting right because its size isn't right for you? Just tie back that long hair out of your face and rock a messy bun while wearing one of these bad boys until you find something more suitable.

- Want an easy way to cover up those knots or loose pieces? Add some bobby pins around the edge! It'll hide those patches easily since there will already be so much product hiding under there anyway!

- We do not recommend bleaching hair knots, because if you bleach again, the knots will loosen and the hair will fall off easily.


Don't Apply Too Much Hair Oil.

Try applying only a few drops of hair oil instead of saturating your wig in it. Another thing you can do is use a leave-in conditioner for hair instead of hair oil. This will not only help you get rid of that wet look but also add volume to your wig's natural state. Applying too much hair product will lead to flaking and dullness after a while.


Style It

Once you've pulled out all of those loose hairs, it's time to style your wig. There are two things that you'll want to focus on here: First, pick a styler based on your hair type. Oil-based styling products will be too heavy for fine or thin hair and may leave residue behind; in that case, choose water-based products instead.

In addition, consider your budget when picking a styler; spray and mousse are usually much less expensive than other styling products—but they tend to have fewer features and can take longer to dry. On top of these guidelines, we recommend using an applicator brush when working with wigs—the bristles help grip each strand for easier application.


Wrap up

If you have a cheap wig that has come loose, lost its shape, or looks unsightly in some other way, you may think it’s not worth the effort to fix it. While these are perfectly understandable feelings, sometimes it can be worth it to put in the extra time and money to fix your wig instead of getting rid of it altogether.


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