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How to make cheap wigs look good

Well, the answer to this question is kind of like my another article(HOW TO FIX A CHEAP WIG). If you haven’t read that article, you can view it on our website.


Before we talk about “make cheap wig looking good”, we have to know that “cheap wig” doesn’t means “wig of poor quality”.

The “cheap” wigs provide by Luvmehair is still 100% human hair. The reason why they have a low price is because Luvmehair try to make all lady enjoy their beauty. So Luvmehair always have huge discount. For example, during the BLACK FRIDAY, you only need to spend $45 and able to get a silky bob wig. If you pay it via klarna, you only need to pay $11.5 every week.


Those affordable wigs from Luvmehair are 100% human hair, so just treat it as your own hair :)

  1. Comb your wig and reduce tangle. That is the best way to prevent messing up. If your wig is curly, please use your finger to comb it gently. Don’t tear your wig. Don’t be rude to your wig, ok?
  2. After combing your wig, you could wash it with warm water. Soak your wig in and make it wet. Add enough conditioner, then brush from the root to the end gently. Let your wig absorb the nutrition for a while(10 minutes at least). With the help of  conditioner, the cuticle of the wig would close on and your wig would be more silky than before.
  3. Dry it with a towel or just hang it up in a shade place. Don’t use a hot wind hair dryer.
  4. If your hair is curly, you might need some elastin to make your curls back. If your hair is wavy, just use iron to make it wavy again. The higher the temperature your iron used, the more damage your wig suffered. So you should make a balance in wavy and temperature(For better hair style without hurting your hair,the temperature of the curling/flat iron should be 190℃ around).
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