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How to make frontal wig

Frontal lace wig is composed of lace part and weaving part.

Weaving part

The part other than the lace on the forehead is composed of a net cap and a hair curtain. The hair curtain is sewn on the net cap, which is a woven part. But it should be noted that the headgear in the woven part will vacate the part of forehead lace.

In weaving part, the craftsman would sew the hair weft layer by layer. Some craftsmen would sew from the top to the end. Some craftsmen prefer sewing from the bottom to the top. Different companies have different sewing routines.

What’s more, knitting machine and the technique of craftsman both influent the final weave wig.

Schematic diagram of frontal lace wig

Lace part

The production of the lace of the forehead:

First, you need to determine the lace material and color that suits you.

And then you need to buy a hair handle, hook the hair on the lace one by one with a hook and tie a small knot.

In the sewing lace part, you need to pay a lot of attention and patience. Normally, the craftsman would sew 2~4 hair per lace void.  Then they will tie a knot per 2 void. In the hairline area, the craftsman will tie a knot per 3~4 void to make sure there is a natural hairline.

This process is 100% handmade and takes a lot of time(10~15 days in general), so forehead lace wigs are definitely more expensive.


Finally, sew the forehead lace with the hooked hair on the headgear in woven parts, thus forming a complete forehead lace headgear.

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