As Luvme Hair continues to gain more love and trust from our customers, unscrupulous individuals are taking advantage of this trust by creating counterfeit websites to deceive our valued customers into making purchases. This is truly disheartening for us, and Luvme Hair's legal department is actively reporting and filing complaints against these fraudulent sites. However, Black Friday is a prime time for such deceptive activities. To help you avoid scams, here are five useful tips to distinguish the genuine Luvme Hair experience:

Tip 1:

Before placing an order, please ensure you are on the official Luvme Hair website. Our official website is Fake websites often use domain names that closely resemble ours, some differ by just a letter or an added character.

The screenshot of Luvme Hair website

Tip 2:

All Luvme Hair wigs are crafted with 100% real human hair. Be cautious of websites offering significantly lower prices than the market value for authentic human hair. Because real human hair never has a so low price and hair raw materials cannot be obtained at this low price. If you saw a very low price (lower than $60), that is definitely fake!


Tip 3:

Recognize the official Luvme Hair Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok accounts.

Official Facebook Page:

The screenshot of Luvme Hair FB

Official Instagram Page:

A screenshot of Luvme Hair Ins

A screenshot of Luvme Hair Youtube

Official TikTok Page:

A screenshot of Luvme Hair Youtube


Tip 4:

Our correct Brand Name is LUVME HAIR and here is the official Luvme Hair logo, email, and SMS number. This information can help you identify genuine and fake websites when you receive promotional information, and can also help you confirm your order information when you successfully place an order on our website.


Luvme Hair logo

Luvme Hair Official Email:

Luvme Hair Official SMS:

25089 (Our US Short Code)


+1 8332042193

+44 7862144584

Luvme Hair Official WhatsApp:

+44 7846 661132

Luvme Hair's Order Confirmation Email:

The screenshot of Luvme Hair's order confirmation email

Fraudulent Sites' Order Confirmation Email:

The screenshot of fraudulent sites' order confirmation email

Tip 5:

For lasting protection against scams, we kindly recommend downloading the Luvme Hair App.

Click the images below to download:


Friendly reminder: If you have recently placed an order but are uncertain whether it was on a counterfeit website or our official website, please email us at with a screenshot of your order details. If you encounter any suspicious fake websites, please don't hesitate to report them or contact us directly!

November 01, 2023 — Luvme Contributor

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