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Luvme Hair Reviews

  • Luvme hair is EVERYTHING!

    Review byJoy Parker 05/29/21

  • I love mines thanks Luvme Hair 😍😍💕

    Review byTamika Williams 05/28/21

  • Love my wet and wavy 24"

    Review byStéphane Silva 05/28/21

  • Love mine. Can't wait to add some curls. It's been T storming everyday since last week and I got caught in the rain but it's still beautiful just like this.

    Review byT Koko Nealy 05/27/21

  • I am absolutely IN LOVE with this wig! Super soft and such a beautiful color!!!

    Review byTyra Griffin 05/27/21

  • I absolutely LOVE this wig! It's cute and it's easy! Only wish it had a lighter color on the ends of the curls. I may try to lighten it but I am very satisfied!

    Review byDanene Epps 05/27/21

  • My wig came last night. I love it!!

    Review byWonteesha Williams 05/26/21

  • All of their units are so awesome! Waiting on two to be delivered soon. I have been a loyal customer for awhile now. Love it!❤

    Review byJeanice Joseph 05/25/21

  • Luv my head band wig😊🙌🏾

    Review byLaVette Martin 05/21/21

  • By far the best!!! Will be ordering more for sure!!

    Review byLaTanja Baynes Momon 05/20/21

  • My first order from them and it definitely won’t be my last! I LOVE IT! This is the deep wave headband wig 22”. I teased it out for this lewk, it’s so soft and the bouncy! I got so many compliments and no shedding!

    Review byCandace Hendricks 05/16/21

  • I love this company hair plus they don't just send you the hair they send you everything you to make the hair look good on you I love them this is my second hair from them I wish I know how to do review video like those girls they have on their page 😂 I love them they got the best hair I have 20 years experience with virgin hair before most of you know about virgin hair and this hair is really good hair I'm going to color it and post video here I have color their hair befor it's the best hair thank you 🙏

    Review byHelen Vermont 05/15/21

  • Yasss I love mine. I HAVE A BIG HEAD... Im 5'8. My 22 inch pass my bra strap. I soaked mine white vinegar, hung dry before wearing. N still soft n cute 😍. I will purchase another in near future.

    Review byDidi Bèl 05/15/21

  • Luv it!! 18 inches! Yessss and I just order me another style the 20 inch straight headbands wig!! Thank you so much this was my first time trying on a wig and I luv luv it! And I got so many compliments. 💋😍😘

    Review byDominique Thompson 05/14/21

  • I do not wear wigs ... I am a true beginner but I Love mine! 24 inch🥰 excuse the lashes they were ready to come off😂

    Review byRene Tinsley 05/13/21

  • I’m obsessed with mines second one on the way

    Review byNatasha Holmes 05/13/21

  • Can we say obsessed I LOOOVVVVVE MY HEAD BAND WIG

    Review byNichele Johnson 05/13/21

  • Finally received mine a few days ago!! It’s very convenient and I love it!

    Review byYasma Clark 05/09/21

  • Love Mines , I Even dyed it Blue Black 💙🖤

    Review byNicole Smith 04/25/21

  • I love mines❤❤❤ 24 inches love love ❤

    Review byFallin Silk Corea 04/24/21

  • I love all there wigs but the undetectable has been the best!!😍

    Review byDenise Matthews 04/24/21

  • I love it, I have the 16inch loose wave headband wig. It’s cute and soft. I used a moisturizing conditioner and a littler water.

    Review byBria Small 04/21/21

  • This hair is so super soft! I was super worried about ordering. When it arrived and I opened the box, I couldn't believe the high quality of hair from an online vendor. Thanks Luvme Hair for this beautiful unit 💗💗

    Review byTanisha Tatum 04/20/21

  • Luvmehair is a legit company...I've been purchasing from them for about 4 years now....I like their units, they look like their pics!!!Here is one I purchased from them about two months ago!! HD Afro Curly I believe you won't be disappointed...

    Review byFran Pradia 04/20/21

  • Ok I’ve had mine for about a week or so & I love it. I got 20in. I wore it on my trip to Miami & it was so bomb. The hair soft & when wash it or put water/conditioner to it the curls come right back. I suggest washing it before wearing it.I need more & maybe longer.#firsttimecustomer but I’m coming back for sure

    Review byMeshia Bella 04/18/21

  • I luv mines I purchased the 28in Afro Curly

    Review byLawencia S Lester 04/17/21

  • This is my go-to day to day wig and I LOVE how it looks with NO GLUE and NO LEAVE OUT! I just gel down the edges and use a little holding spray and boom, I’m set to go! I haven’t dyed the knots. I haven’t plucked the edges. I literally just washed this wig and put it on when I got it.

    Review byCorri Marie Hinton 04/17/21

  • Love my 20in Wet and Wavy!

    Review byLatisha Thomas 04/14/21

  • Tons of compliments... beautiful unit 😍

    Review byKeda Wright 04/07/21

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