Luvme Hair Reviews | The Review from Real Customers

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Luvme Hair Reviews

  • This is my first one. Love love love it. I ended up buying two more.

    Review byMeechie Hammond 11/18/2019

  • One thing I love about this hair company is that they made their prices super affordable. To top it up their the quality of their hair is awesome and great quality. My client is so happy. Plus they put gifts that people can actually use.

    Review byCosmetologist Ami 11/18/2019

  • I’m rocking the wig. I received it yesterday. It took only 2 days to arrive. I love it thank you

    Review byAnide Monestime 11/17/2019

  • Received my first purchase and I am absolutely in love! I’m not really a hair person so I needed something glueless and little maintenance and this was the answer!

    Review byAnn-Marie Fraser 11/16/2019

  • This is my 1st time ordering!! What do you all think? Straight / 22 inches

    Review byAmy Rucker 11/16/2019

  • My 613 Full Lace Frontal Wig Dyed Orange

    Review byAlexis Nichole Goodson 11/16/2019

  • I ordered a BLONDE 14in Bob cut. I dyed it red and used flexi-rods to curl it overnight

    Review byKim C Hammer-Adams 11/15/2019

  • 1st time it last week 10 inch celebrity it!!

    Review byGlenda Edwards 11/15/2019

  • I love this wig. I purchased this for my 50th birthday and I declare it made me look 10 years younger. 

    Review byWanda Davis -Martin 11/14/2019

  • I LOVVVVEEEEE this hair!!! It was easy to customize my unit, it’s soft and had so much body and looks AND feels amazing!!

    Review byShanelle DeBose 11/14/2019

  • I love my unit to much .... I wore this one all summer now I’m waiting on my next one to arrive

    Review byNina Stapleton 11/13/2019

  • I love mine! After a few months, I cut mine into a bob and added highlights. Will be ordering another soon

    Review byBretani Solomon 11/13/2019

  •  I have gotten so many compliments and recommended so many people. I've purchased 2 wigs from you all and I'm about to purchase another one.

    Review byValerie Shadd 11/13/2019

  • This unit is a year old and still absolutely beautiful. I luv Luvmehair!!! I have 2 coworkers who are now Luvmehair buyers. I have 3 more, different styles and lengths of course. But I never worry about the quality of what I receive.

    Review byKecia Canady-Dewar 11/12/2019

  • I have had this wig for a year now... of course I have worn different wigs throughout the year but I pulled this wig back out my wig box.... After a good wash its back brand new...very impressed.I'm Loving it!!!!! Yass Yass

    Review byJocole Doddy  11/12/2019

  • Definitely one of my fave wigs so far. I've ordered 5 wigs from LuvMeHair & love them all.Mine is the 10 inch. Hair is so easy to manage, style & part. #LOVEIT!

    Review byBrenda Brown-Johnson 11/11/2019

  • I have 3 units from them, but this was my most recent purchase, july I believe, this is their Bob with closure unit. Love it and purchasing more soon

    Review byMeka Parka 11/11/2019

  • My new wig store. I will never buy a wig from anywhere else!!

    Review byA'Roarah Kawasaki Howard 11/11/2019

  • I got this wig literally within 4 days of ordering. I have it in a 10in, this is my first wig ever and Luvme hair didn’t disappoint. Definitely am going to purchase more. Everyone loves it! This hair is sooooooo soft!

    Review byRaven Hill 11/10/2019

  • OMG i was scared had been burnt before from another company so i ordered my first unit last week took about 4 day before i received it i got all the gifts as said. I love love love this unit im about to order the straight unit now, a happy customer for life

    Review byChanta Sampson-Lewis 11/10/2019

  • I absolutely love this hair  I recently installed my 18” U-Part Staright Wig. This hair is super soft. The packing and gifts were amazing. I will definitely be order some more wig from you guys

    Review byShalice Robinson 11/09/2019

  • Omg I love this hair company. The wig I’m wearing is so beautiful in person and once you wet it and add your favorite moisturizer you’re good to go. I’m currently own my lash line and this wig was perfect for my pictures for my business page. Add my Instagram @plushedbypiinkzz

    Review byPiinkz Sparkle Thomas 11/09/2019

  • Love my body wave ..3rd purchase from LuvME. New to wigs and installing by me lol still have a long way to go 

    Review byTiyanna Jenkins 11/09/2019

  • 12 inch water wave. Now #This is vacay hair. It handled rain storms & the Waterfall at Castle Hill. No one knew b/c these wigs are so natural RIGHT OUT THE BOX. These are worth EVERY PENNY.

    Review byAngela Chickie Nelson 11/08/2019

  • This is my blond 613 straight. I colored and curled it! No shedding and it's still very soft. I will be sending pics of install soon! #LuvIt

    Review byChanel LivingLife 11/08/2019

  • This company is the TRUTH! 18 inch 360 lace, with 18inch hair sewn in the middle. Compliments from women and men!

    Review byCherie A McFadden 11/07/2019

  • The quality is great. So soft ,easy to wear..just trim the lace and wala !! I've got lots of compliments from family and friends as to how natural it looks. It also comes so nicely packaged. 

    Review byAlicia Hughes 11/07/2019

  • I loveee my undetectable lace wig!

    Review byChevaughn Henry 11/06/2019

  • I’m so excited! I’m a first time customer! Just got my wigs today ! They are everything and the packaging is just like what was advertised  it was here in 3 days and I was even sent a picture through text for proof of delivery because they left it on my doorstep as I requested— can’t get any better customer service than that!! Will definitely be ordering a gain!!

    Review byTamela Hendricks 11/07/2019

  • Buy the wig y'all...they are great. I will not buy a wig from anyone else but Luvme Hair. I have already bought 2 units from them and will be buying 2 more soon..

    Review byKrishonda Craft 11/05/2019

  • 22 inch Water Wave. Not even molded Yet.Love!

    Review byShon Tel 11/07/2019

  • Love this wig

    Review byOllina Gilmore 11/06/2019

  • Love my new look for my new office position ❤❤❤ Can't wait to try a curlier style.

    Review byKeysha Pride 11/06/2019

  • To say I’m ultimately pleased is an understatement! After trying a few other sites and being highly disappointed, I came across LUVME HAIR and I lovvvvvvveeee my new unit! It’s the first of many... thanks for setting the bar high

    Review byTavaras Jones 11/05/2019

  • Got my Luvme hair...I am so loving it.

    Review byElaine Hall 11/05/2019

  • Love my unit and I’ve bought 2 others!! I’m definitely a FAN

    Review byJ Natasha Howard 11/04/2020

  • Loved mine! Perfect! 20" body wave

    Review byTina Parker 11/04/2019

  • I love my unit!! Will be buying another unit!! Thanks Luvme hair!

    Review byMeisha Simmons 11/03/2019

  • Just got my 360 lace front, 20 inches body wave ❤. Paid an extra $10 and left a note with my payment to increase wig cap size to 23.5 inches. It fits for the most part. My head is super huge. 

    Review byCrystal S. Matthews 11/03/2019

  • I love my hair...just received today and its beautiful!! Was very skeptical at first and I had to do a lil bit to get the look I wanted but it was worth it.

    Review byKimberly Herring - Kidd 11/02/2019

  • Last November & now! Luvme Hair is awesome 

    Review byCinn George 11/02/2019

  • First time buyer!! I have long hair and going natural but tired of the puffiness daily so I said let me tryout this U part and Everyone thinks it’s my hair!I’m totally in Love with my U part....I hate wigs and Love weaves at times but this should be called a QuickerUWeave!!! I’ll definitely be ordering more soon

    Review byLatonia Haynes 11/01/2019

  • The wig that I have on in this picture I purchased from them and I LOVE IT!! The wig originally was 1b however I have dyed it and I couldn’t be more happier. This is the second wig that I have ordered from them. Both wigs I have bleached and dyed.

    Review byMarissia Chalmers 11/01/2019

  • My yaki wig from Luvme Hair. I love it. Dyed by me.... I have bought two wigs from you all already. I have my eyes on another....

    Review bySunshine Butler 10/31/2019

  • Luvme Hair loving my kinky curl lace closure wig

    Review byLeeGirl Hartley 10/31/2019

  • Got mines in the 10 inch celebrity mixed brown and I absolutely LOVE it! I’ve gotten so many compliments! It’s very soft and easy to style. I go glueless as well. Only use Got2B freeze spray so I take it off easily every night!

    Review byShernai Raglin Dodson 10/30/2019

  • Same wig, I just bleach it after 5months and an half. Ladies, it’s still soft and I can do any style I want with it (curly or straight).

    Review bySheila Aromana Nervil 10/30/2019

  • This is my daughter in her unit. She's a competition dancer so we have several units to do quick hair changes. She also hates glue. I can tell you all with a certainty that she dances and flips and this unit stays put!!

    Review byEbony Williams 10/29/2019

  • Bought my first one absolutely love it and came fast can't wait for my next one

    Review byMaria Ferguson-Neal 10/27/2019

  • Very soft hair, great quality lace. Minimal shedding, all around beautiful wig. The cap sizes run small so I suggest ordering a size larger than you normally would. My only complaint is like with most human hair wigs, is when I added water to define the curls, THE SMELL. Omg it smelled so.... processed. But again, that’s common for most of these wigs, no matter the brand. Either way the price is right, the quality is amazing. I’ve only had my wig for less than 24 hours but I will post an update in a week. Will definitely order again and highly recommend.

    Review byDebra Bradley 10/29/2019

  • Ladies, don’t forget about the 14 inch body wave u part wig. I have minimal leave out 2.5 inches width x 3.5 inches for the length of my part. This wig responds well to Bantu knot outs, Flexi rods and curl formers.

    Review byJessica Burnette 10/29/2019

  • I jus t love the celebrity wig...I got it in two colors this one and in black... I get sooo many compliments and it makes me look younger... I also installed myself glue less..

    Review byErnestine Cannon 10/28/2019

  • One week after install and my Celebrity 12 in summer bob is still fye

    Review byCherry Dozier 10/28/2019

  • Just got my luv me 12 in kinky curl lace closure wig and I in love, will be ordering again soon

    Review byAlystra Freeman 10/27/2019

  • Ok so the real tea! I ordered this wig and Got this one! It was a legit process no scam etc . The hair is soft and washed well and too great to hear! Sis I’m just here to be real! I spent my own money on this unit and the company was very responsive to my emails! So the truth is yes it’s beginner friendly and yes it takes some patience if you want it to look a certain way. I still have to figure out how to hide the grids it’s tricky but I think I may order an undetectable unit let me know if y’all would want to see it! Pictures to follow taken with no studio lights no filter just in the office natural light ! I don’t like baby hair so I’m working on making it just right in between lol I did bleach the knots !

    Review byKane Chenevert 10/27/2019

  • I love my unit 2nd install

    Review byCharismatic Karma 10/26/2019

  • 18 inches deep wave undetectable i will be definitely purchasing another undetectable wig body wave the price was very reasonable

    Review byAndrea Kelly 10/26/2019

  • it was a Virgin 22 inch I purchased in 1/2018 I still have it I jus keep cutting it I plucked myself this is a transparent lace frontal installed using ghost bond glue.

    Review byAmelia Knight 10/25/2019

  • I’m So Loving This Unit ! It Looks Very Natural And Came Plucked ! I Don’t Have To Put Glue On It If I Don’t Want To ! This Is My Second Unit From Them ! Thank You Luvme Hair 

    Review byDayziee Chapman 10/25/2019

  • 1st wig purchase ever and I'm hooked. I'm in luv with LUVME!

    Review byQuana Mitchell 10/24/2019

  • I LOVE IT.. breathable 360 pre plucked. 24 inch body wave. It is tangle free & very soft. Easy install. #NoGlue. Can part anywhere in the front & can also wear in an updo. Love all the little freebies that comes in the beautiful packaging. Not to mention great customer service. Only took 4 business days to arrive after placing my order.

    Review byBrenda Brown-Johnson 10/24/2019

  • I’ve had this wig since May still rocking it..I’m in love with my wig..I only order from this website

    Review byAngel White 10/23/2019

  • I got the celebrity style small kinky curly wig and I love it! Its very full, bouncy and easy to install. Thanks Luvme Hair!!

    Review byGina Huston 10/23/2019

  • I ordered the undetectable lace 13*6 deep wave 14 inch i love the curl and it was delivered within 4 business days just in time for my baby shower thanks you luvme hair ...i installed it on my own very simple and they provided me with almost everything i needed to install

    Review byKrystal Howell 10/23/2019

  • First Unit from Luvme Hair....& 10” I love it...came as a middle part....but is a frontal unit, so my 1st wear was as a side part....haven’t done much to it....but the hair was really soft & no smell ❤️ will be purchasing more units again soon

    Review byLaShanda Bingham 10/22/2019

  • Love mineee I’ll be getting another one

    Review byTina Buckley 10/22/2019

  • I got this wig a year ago. With proper care, they last. I love the quality

    Review byWonda Brantley 10/21/2019

  • 180% DENSITY FRONTAL LACE WIG ...installed this myself ..absolutely love this unit very easy to install

    Review byKaddy Kadillac 10/21/2019

  • My Luvme glueless wig, installed without the extra baby hairs. It looks very natural. The part as you can see looks like it's my own hair. This hair is installed after a wash and still looks great! It's super soft. I can't wait to get another one! You'll love it! 

    Review byShannon West Covet 10/20/2019

  • I love my undetectable lace wig. The wig came very fast and I Love it. It came pre-plucked and pre-bleached. I didn’t have to go over it with more bleach or plucking. My favorite wig ever 

    Review byRayy Londaa 10/20/2019

  • My wedding day look with my undetectable water wave....was very easy for me to color and held up very good

    Review byLaShawn Monique Fullerton McGrue 10/19/2019

  • This is the same one that I have. So many think it's my real hair!! I was on a boat in this pic with it blowing in the wind

    Review byKendra Bogan 10/19/2019

  • Their wigs are bomb! First wig ever in life and I’m HOOKED!! Lol I ordered three more!!

    Review byJacqui Hicks 10/18/2019

  • Luv all my wigs so far from Luvme Hair.....have a total of 4 wigs.!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SIGHT

    Review byJennifer Tucker-mccoy 10/18/2019

  • This wig is amazing, my client bought luvme hair wig and this was our finish look. The lace is gorgeous very high quality I love it. My client and I are sooooo happy thank you so much for providing high quality hair at a very affordable price

    Review byCosmetologist Ami 10/17/2019

  • Extremely satisfied with my first purchase definitely looking forward to order more style

    Review byBebe Bebe 10/17/2019

  • Love my hair from them!!! By far the best quality and Stella’s customer service is amazing. This is after 2 months.

    Review byAihceneb Lee-Hoffman 10/16/2019

  • I have this wig. Got it 3 days after ordering. Undetectable lace wig 18 inch body wave. 150 density. Just had it install. My first time with a lace front and I love it. I realize I need to order a smaller size. The average of 22 is too big yet it works. The hair is soft and light. It does not feel like a wig. I will be ordering again. 

    Review byAngel GoalDigger Smith 10/16/2019

  • Love my 14 inch water wave. This is my third Luvme wig. I’m excited. The wigs are super soft and easy to care for. A great value for the money. Easy ordering and quick delivery. The photos and videos online truly reflect the product.

    Review byJennifer Scippio-Bamgbose 10/14/2019

  • First time ordering and I love it.I have to say, luvmehair is the "it" factor! I have spent money on other sites that wigs took twice as long to deliver, and didn't last past 2-3months especially after coloring. Luvmehair has never failed me. I've colored this unit 2x in 2 days and it still hasn't shed, nor dried out. To all those whom are skeptical, luvmehair is top quality good prices! I will continue to order from them. This unit is the 180 density lace front straight 12in. I colored, cut, and installed myself. I'm still learning, but with the help of youtube and luvmehair tutorials, it's not that hard.

    Review byDhana Boyd 10/15/2019

  •  I didn't do anything but cut the lace straight from the box and glue it down. No bleaching or plucking needed. I'm not a fan of baby hairs and there isn't a need for them with this unit. Here's a better view

    Review byBrianna Brown 10/15/2019

  • Yessssss indeed, I'm so loving my Luveme hair units and you can dye the units and it still looks, and feels good.

    Review byCynthia Garner-Gardner 10/14/2019

  • At first I wanted to snatch it off my head because the person that installed it didn’t pluck and bleach it right so I cut some off bleached a couple of strands light brown tweezed my edges and I love it now. I’m getting compliments left to right I’m a bus driver, so my job is dealing with the general public all day so my appearance is everything. I’m getting another unit this week please keep this great quality hair and you’ll keep getting money honey .I had the 12 inch lace front bob oh and I referred a couple of co workers.

    Review byMeka Thomas 10/13/2019

  • Me and my sister luvs luvme. I've had this unit for 6 months . Still in great condition. But I want a new one

    Review byPhilly Da Phanessa 10/13/2019

  • It’s fresh out the package without product but when I put curl pudding on it with water it came out like the video

    Review byPatrice Crockett 10/12/2019

  • I got my wig from them, very beautiful, and looks just like the wig i order i will be ordering again

    Review byKimberly Williams 10/12/2019

  • Never ordering from anywhere else again 

    Review byJustine Delphin 10/11/2019

  •  I was skeptical at first because I never brought a wig online. But then I kept seeing so many good looking ones and I decided, why not? I bought 3 on my first order! Lol and I love each and every one of them.This one I installed on my own and it was super easy, I didn’t like the part at all so i plucked it a little with the tweezers provided.

    Review byBritnee La-Starr' Prototypee 10/11/2019

  • I love this unit. I had it installed yesterday , I woke up and took the big braids out and just flipped it around, can’t wait to put my wig conditioner on it when I get dressed to make it pop. Thanks Luvme Hair.

    Review byRhonda Daniel 10/10/2019

  • First time ever purchasing or wearing a wig and I love it! I felt so out of place at first cause it’s new for me, but I’ve gotten sooooo many compliments! People even thinking it’s mine!  Hair is great quality, soft, and I would totally purchase another!

    Review byAngela Wells 10/10/2019

  • OMG!! The hair came Monday order last Tuesday from the Fall sale !!And all i can say is Luvme Hair your hair is the BOMB. Cant wait to order my birthday wig in a month. I am so in love with the texture, the softness, EVERYTHING.Ive been wearing weave extensions for a very long time and this is by far the BEST ive ever had in years. Very Affordable and cute. Thanks for all the extra goodies that come with the hair too. its good hair yalll

    Review byKia Janae 10/09/2019

  • 12” bob with bangs! Love this hair. Wig #4 purchase for me! 

    Review byU'Neek Heart 10/09/2019

  • Short and Sweet Celebrity hair!

    Review byLisa's Fashion Picks 10/09/2019

  • The 5th wig I’ve bought from Luvme Hair. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these wigs.So natural looking. Also, I’m wearing Luvme Hair in my profile picture too!

    Review byU'Neek Heart 10/08/2019

  • Glue or glue less I have had this unit almost a year washed it twice it’s Awesome!!!

    Review byLisa Banks 10/08/2019

  • Just Purchased This Same Wig & I Absolutely LOVE It.Low Maintenance, No Shedding, & Very Soft. Didn Have To Bleach The Knots Or Pluck The Hair Line. Just Cut The Lace & Go. Hair Looks Like It Coming Out Of My Scalp

    Review byMahni Bagg 10/07/2019

  • This is my third unit buying from this site. I love this unit! Very soft hair no shedding. Good quality! Came with attached elastic band ready to install.

    Review byLala Camilus Marcelin 10/07/2019

  • 180% density Frontal Lace Wig. 12" Body Wave! Love, love, love this hair! Curls are in their natural state, hardly had to recurl, just bumped the ends sometimes!

    Review byKriddney Summerville 10/07/2019

  • I absolutely love mine✅straight or's still Lite❗I have the 12 inch undetectable laceI plan to purchase lots more.the hair is so soft and easy to manage and you CAN'T beat the price.Thank you Luvme Hair You have a loyal customer now❤

    Review byAlida Wilson 10/06/2019

  • Bought it from Luvme and omg the shipping was 2-3 days and it came in two days for me and I lives in Houston, Texas!

    Review byJewel Pradia 10/06/2019

  • Added at little color -love it!

    Review byMarsha Marsha Marsha 10/05/2019

  • I'm in absolute love with my hair this is my second wig I've bought from this company my first I had for about a year and it still looks amazing I ordered this one three weeks ago and got it within a week,great quality and service!

    Review byNikita Johnson 10/05/2019

  • Purchased the 16 inch body wave full lace wig. The hair is beautiful and soft no shedding at all I literally just popped it on no work needed apart from cutting the lace 

    Review byDominique Downer 10/04/2019

  • I just got this 360 wig in water wave, 18”. I absolutely love it!! This is my 2nd unit from Luvme and they got me over that fear of buying wigs online.

    Review byTeresa Lynn Hunter 10/04/2019

  • Celebrity style 10 inch Fayetteville NC styled, dyed, and installed by Romeo Morris

    Review byNatasha Tate 10/03/2019

  • I love mine so much. About to order again soon. it’s been 4.5 months. I’m pretty rough with my hair. I wash it a lot. I take it off every night, I use got 2be glue everyday and it’s holding up great!

    Review byKait Taylor 10/03/2019

  • Your wigs are amazing. I’m going to learn how to make the baby hairs then I’ll be set!

    Review byAdetoun Sanders 10/02/2019

  • I absolutely love mine! Perfect texture, minimal shedding! I’ll be purchasing another unit soon.

    Review byJacqueline Shanice 10/02/2019

  • My 1st wig from Luvme Hair 12" body wave .....and I must say I love it looks like real hair told so many ppl about you guys are awesome will buy again soon

    Review byJuNiece Nee-Nee 10/01/2019

  • 20inch body wave!! Installed and stayed on through my 40th Birthday celebration sweat, dancing and all!!

    Review byAisha Ritter 10/01/2019

  • First off, the packaging was sweeeeet! the hair itself was so soft and bouncy... I have the 16inch water wave installed. Pictures don't do it justice for real. It's perfect.

    Review byPeace Elimimian 09/30/2019

  • Luvme Hair you guys are the real deal. I have brought wigs from different site and I was very disappointed. I took a chance and am more that happy. I will definitely buy again I think I want to try something curls. Great customer service and delivery time fast!!!

    Review byDion Cordice 09/30/2019

  • Just received my unit and I am in loveeee

    Review byHunnii Bunn 09/29/2019

  • I’ve brought 7 wigs from this company. No complaints whatsoever! Love this wig.

    Review byTheresa Slaughter-Carey 09/29/2019

  • undetectable at work. Just received my 3rd wig today, yah!!!

    Review byLeisha Poole 09/28/2019

  • I love every wig I've ordered from here.

    Review byLaToyia Renee 09/28/2019

  • My unit, I've been wearing for 2 months now

    Review byDionne La'Shay Henderson 09/27/2019

  •  was 8 months after buying and regular washes and use

    Review byShanna Renee Phillips 09/27/2019

  • I love my unit from Luvme ~_~

    Review byJae Geralds 09/26/2019

  • I got my wig from there and I still use it

    Review byJasmine Wesley 09/26/2019

  • Love it no glue

    Review byRita Teague Ratcliff 09/26/2019

  • I love this hair I received it in 2 days.

    Review byVictoria Wright 09/25/2019

  • I luv my wig. I colored mine

    Review byTasha Danzy 09/25/2019

  • First time ever buying a wig from @luvmehair! I was skeptical at first until I started to investigate the reviews. Their hair is the TRUTH!!! I am just so grateful & excited! Second wig on ON DA WAYYYY! Do yo Shii sis

    Review byNoah J Clayye 09/24/2019

  • This was mine installed! I just ordered it again along with a wavy one

    Review byElizabeth Rodriguez 09/24/2019

  • The best hair I’ve ever purchased!!

    Review byDe'Monique Patterson 09/23/2019

  • Love my wig!!!! So beautiful and full ❤️thank you Luvme Hair you’ve gained a lifetime customer.

    Review byCiara Walton 09/23/2019

  • I purchased my first Luvme wig on 9/7, I recieved it by 9/10. This one is the summer wig. I have never attached a wig to my head before. I used the got2b gel and some mousse.I love this wig so much, I went back and ordered 2 more.

    Review byKeitany Reynolds 09/19/2019

  • they are the real deal. I've been scammed before. Will never order from nobody but luvme hair. The packaging is great. The hair is awesome. So far ordered at least 8 units. Never had a problem.

    Review byDiesha Coombs Hawkins 09/22/2019

  • Bought the 26" guys it is perfect. Thats the dry look + self instal

    Review byNikky Nikky 09/22/2019

  • This is my 9th or 10th unit from this company (stop counting because I’m so addicted to them lol), I will not order from anywhere else. Was skeptical of trying a curly bob as it was my first time trying it, I normally do long hair.I love my Celebrity style frontal wig. I have been getting so many compliments on this look on me. Luvme hair is the Truth

    Review byShoneka Mckinney 09/21/2019

  • They are the BUSINESS just got my wig today and it's everything I dreamed of

    Review bySarah Blake 09/21/2019

  • It is very soft and easy to manage

    Review bySonita Khide 09/20/2019

  • My first unit .16 inch undetectable lace straight hair styled.i love it and i already purchased another unit.the 12 inch water wave will be next!

    Review byShayla Shay 09/20/2019

  • Love my wig

    Review byShannon-Marie Ross 09/19/2019

  • Undetectable glueless lace frontal wig 14inch love my unit this is the 2nd install

    Review byTameka Addison 09/18/2019

  • Love mine hair is very big just wet it and it will stay small the full day .

    Review byLayla García 09/18/2019

  • So in luv ♥️♥️♥️ with Luvme Hair,20” water  wave  full lace dyed honey  ginger

    Review byIfa Holiday 09/17/2019

  • Got mine 10inch. Ty luv me hair!! Self install, out the box curls!!!

    Review bySeQuoya Whetstone 09/17/2019

  • my hair is left out in the top and it clips on .. here’s my upart from the company

    Review byTiffany Culp Johnson 09/16/2019

  • I love my undetectable lace, 18 inch body wave. Its soft, has alot of body, and easily gives that 1990s Aaliyah feel when flat ironed. I got it in 1 business day. 

    Review byShunda Isaih André 09/16/2019

  • This is the celebrity style curly wig . Luv me is my new favorite hair supplier

    Review byChelsi Means 09/15/2019

  • This is the wig In the video I purchased and ❤️ it!!

    Review byAshley Jordan 09/14/2019

  • I just installed mines!!!! I Love It

    Review byRayven Gillens 09/15/2019

  • it’s legit! I love mine, worth every penny!

    Review byTiffany Porter McLean 09/14/2019

  • Got mine installed!! I ❤️❤️❤️ it!! Summer Celebrity Style

    Review byPatricia Christopher Choice‎ 09/14/2019

  • I have 3 units and loving each one of them. I even dyed my unit and it's absolutely amazing and still soft. You won't regret it! Go ahead and place your order.....After I colored my unit. I even name my units this is Ms.. Sassy lol

    Review byCynthia Garner-Gardner  09/13/2019

  • I just installed this unit today 20in undetectable lace deep wave...Loveeee It!!!I customized as best as I could I'm an amateur but babyyyy this wig is slayyyyingg!!

    Review byMia Rose 09/13/2019

  • Very satisfied with my purchase and the quality and fast delivery also thank you luvmehair

    Review byTaira M Moore 09/12/2019

  • I love mine its celebrity curl wig i had dyed and installed currently on my cruise to turks n caicos rocking my wig it came in great time and I'm very pleased i usually get disappointed when ordering but luv me is a wonderful legit company i will be ordering again

    Review byTashara Scippio 09/12/2019

  • Thank you for giving me back what was taken from me, my hair. My hair loss got to a point where I couldn’t cover it up anymore with “shake on” fibers. Your wigs have given me back my life and my confidence.The hair is so soft and beautiful. I’ve purchased two wigs already and will be back for another very soon. This is my favorite one right now. I fringed and thinned the bangs (they were a bit long and thick for me) and put it up in a half up messy bun. This picture was after having it on all day in the Miami heat. 

    Review byPaola Pino Queipo 09/11/2019

  • Self install I absolutely love my water wave two separate purchases short is 12” longer is 16”. Luvme Hair is where it’s at, I’m hooked!!! 

    Review bySeQuoya Whetstone 09/11/2019

  • Ladies. When I tell you this site is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. I've been swindled a few times by "fake" wig sites. I ordered my first Luvme with a LOT of hesitation! You will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! I'm still learning how to use Got 2B Glued but this unit has Combs as well. This is a 12" Undetectable 360 Full Lace Wig.

    Review byVictoria Esther Pines 09/10/2019

  • I got a full lace wig in water wave in 14” and I’m in love  the hair is easy to color and easy to install. I’m getting all my hair from here from now on

    Review byCaylah West 09/10/2019

  • But I'm hooked on red. So I colored it and threw some flexi-rods in it. I get so many compliments

    Review byKim C Hammer-Adams 09/09/2019

  • Got mine for my 49th Birthday On August 10th.. Still love it

    Review byNatasha Montgomery 09/09/2019

  • Upart unit I’m new to it so I really didn’t know what to do it was worth a try I love my unit tho

    Review byFelicia R Carter 09/08/2019

  • This is what I'm currently wearing from them and she's my fav thus far

    Review byAnnette Hand 09/08/2019

  • This was the hair, completely dry! I wet the hair and used lotta body foam to set the curls

    Review byDricka Banks 09/07/2019

  • Got my 22 inch undetectable a week ago. A lot fuller than my 16 inch!! Thank you I love it

    Review byLynley L Moses 09/07/2019

  • Rocking my 14 inch luvme hair curly bob wig

    Review byMonica Mcgrew 09/06/2019

  • My first wig a got a 2year ago I just got a new one in the mail yesterday the wet and wavy my old in good condition for it to be 2years old

    Review byLaquita Campbell 09/06/2019

  • I ordered it in a 14 inch I love it. I wanted the front to be more like the model but couldn’t figure it out. Love the wig.

    Review byVanessa Vance 09/01/2019

  • I love my deep wave lace front wig I got so many compliments... I just received my undetectable lace front I cant wait to put it on I'll be definitely buying more and more wigs

    Review bySugarspice Dell 09/05/2019

  •  I was scammed 4 times on Facebook, then I tried this company,, and they're definitely legit! I have 8 units from them already. Here's this wig

    Review byDenise Giles 09/05/2019

  • I’ve ordered so many wigs , it’s addicting 

    Review byVanessa Franklin 09/04/2019

  • Luv my hair and my stylist. This is the 2nd time ordering this undetectable lace front wig 14 inches

    Review byAnna Hines-Long 09/04/2019

  • This wig reminds me of my summer celebrity wig. Curls for days and super soft! I’m in love with every last unit I’ve ordered from Luvme hair and I will keep coming back!

    Review byDestinna Bell 09/03/2019

  • Cut, styled and installed by me! Luvme Hair undetectable lace wavy. I straightened it and it curls right back up when I want it to! Best wigs ever! Super soft and fast delivery, too!

    Review byKyndra Nicole 09/03/2019

  • I have this unit, and when styled it is super cute.

    Review byKirsten A. Lee 09/02/2019

  • bsolutely love my 20" undetectable Invisible Lace Best Virgin Hair Full Lace Wig. The hair is so soft, not tangly, no excessive shedding, no crazy smell, super light and manageable. My first "premium wig" purchase, and I'm so happy it was with luvme hair. I'll definitely be purchasing another unit soon. I've told so many of my friends about it already. Lol.

    Review byMarie Annahs 09/02/2019

  • First time installing and doing the most but the hair is beautiful. I'm out chere faking it till I make it! The hair is beautiful! It comes with the band which is good because I have a small head. The hair is full and gorgeous. I'm still learning about installing these lace wigs. The shipping was super fast..3 days. They do not be playing on that express shipping. No funky smell or lice. I had to try it out for myself.

    Review byLapier Eaddy 09/01/2019

  • Love my unit. Excuse the robe, but I was getting ready for bed.

    Review byManda Hugginkiss 09/01/2019

  • My 2nd wig from them,my 3rd one is on its way

    Review byLatoya Tripp 08/31/2019

  • Right before I went out for the night. I got like 6 of them but I think this is the 16 inch undetectable lace straight.

    Review byKita Darnell 08/31/2019

  • Here’s another pic of my unit. I’m on my third purchase arriving next week. This is the undetectable lace. Loveeeeeee it

    Review bySherri D Kelso 08/30/2019

  • I think it was their filter but this is how it looks

    Review byJha'Nessa Irvin 08/30/2019

  • I love mine

    Review byJina Langu Ni Olincia 08/29/2019

  • Just got my install last night,s/o to Lakreshia Kres Kreations Coplen for installing it (Chicago)

    Review byTia'na German 08/29/2019

  • I've ordered 3 units from Luvme Hair and love em all.. This one is the side part, 8' frontal... I'd recommend them to anyone..

    Review byShavonda Price 08/28/2019

  • Showing off my deep wave 18 inch from Luvme Hair.this is my fourth time wearing it and I have another on the way Absolutely love it.

    Review byLyric Williams 08/28/2019

  • Love mine..installed it today

    Review byDom-unique Art 08/27/2019

  • I got the 12 inch... I'm having a ball with it

    Review byNatasha Montgomery 08/27/2019

  • Installed mine today. Love it!!

    Review byShakeva Simmons 08/26/2019

  • Yes I got mine undetectable 10 inch full lace wig install today and I had it cut into a blunt-cut bob and I love this hair it is so beautiful and natural and as it's state I love this Swiss lace it's like it says what lace I'm actually feeling myself and I will be ordering more units from Luvme Hair money well spend

    Review byDiamond Searcy 08/25/2019

  • Love my 18in deep wave 360 lace. Waiting on two more as we speak! This one arrived 3 days after ordering!

    Review byJaye Mensah 08/25/2019

  • Got mine installed today I like it

    Review byMichelle Phillips 08/24/2019

  • This is my 200 density body wave closure wig from you guys... I love it so much!!! The stylist IG is on the photo for anybody who lives in Houston!!!! This hair is so soft and so full!!

    Review byLatasha Josey 08/24/2019

  • I loved my wig. 14 in body 180 density .... 

    Review byAshleigh Copes 08/22/2019

  • Thanks LuvMeHair for my 20inch undetectable full lace 360 wig I love it didn’t pluck or bleach anything an it looks so natural my 2nd wig I’m addicted

    Review byRenarda Bowles 08/22/2019

  • I always order from luvmehair it's EVERYTHING,this is the celebrity 12in,definitely will continue to be a customer.

    Review byMiquita Houston 08/21/2019

  • Celebrity Style 10 inch,I love it!

    Review byJontae That'sMe Robinson 08/21/2019

  • Love my wig!!

    Review byCarla Edwards 08/20/2019

  • I have it in 18inches,this one can be worn without any adhesives. I luv it!!!!

    Review byAntionette Carter Mccreary 08/20/2019

  • I’ve had my unit since April and it still looks great

    Review byDarneika Rudolph 08/19/2019

  • I'm new to this lace front wig life so this undetectable lace is perfect for beginners. This hair is so soft!

    Review byNaQuana Gee 08/19/2019

  • Y’all!I went to Mia (Mermaid Hair Extensions in ATL). So far I’m pleased with the hair. Nah, wait.... I love this hair! I had to go do my makeup and I feel like a doll. Remember, this is a few hours in but I’ll definitely come back and do an updated review in a few weeks. I’ll post another pic below just so y’all can see this hair! Thanks LuvMe

    Review byJada Tyler 08/18/2019

  • Finally sporting my undetectable lace wig I recieved a week ago! Love, love this hair wearing it natural!

    Review byAnntoinette Mahealani Stone-Wasser 08/18/2019

  • This is perfect for work. I work in the travel business and this is very natural looking. Love it!

    Review byCatherine Pierce 08/17/2019

  • Just had this one from luvme put on yesterday. It’s bomb! Check that hairline

    Review byShanna Nicole Cramer 08/17/2019

  • I’ve order 4 units from you so far

    Review byTerri Potts- Grimes 08/16/2019

  • My very first but not last wig I ❤ it

    Review byDebbie Bell 08/16/2019

  • Got my install today, totally impressed with the invisible lace 14 inch body wave

    Review byNicole Harrell 08/15/2019

  • Yes I love this company they make the best wigs ever! this is my favorite out of all 8 I’ve purchased

    Review byJamie Nicole 08/15/2019

  • My undetectable invisible lace body wave 14”. Colored and Installed my sewin_savior

    Review byNatasha Jones Thompson 08/14/2019

  • Love it.. this is a GLUELESS INSTALL BTW

    Review byTaneisha Tink Barger 08/14/2019

  • Absolutely LOVE MY Wig I just got, I got so many compliments from it today it makes no sense

    Review byNakaha Burke 08/13/2019

  • I’m lovin’ mine, thinking about ordering an extra one, for my fall look as well

    Review byJacque Denise 08/13/2019

  • Love my unit. I still wear it and it's almost a year old

    Review byAshley Ramsey 08/12/2019

  • Luv me hair for the win

    Review byDonnalee Lawrence-Wint 08/12/2019

  • 5 month old wig. Absolutely love it.

    Review byRenee Jones 08/11/2019

  • I love my hair I got the 180 density 10 inch preplucked lace front . The curl pattern is wet and wavy it’s absolutely gorgeous! And it came in a day and a half

    Review byNyNy Brazzy 08/11/2019

  • Undetectable All lace wig by Luvme hair. Colored and installed by Stylesby RayeRaye

    Review byBriana Holden 08/10/2019

  • My favorite wig from them

    Review byMarie Joe Prospere-Jeanmarie 08/09/2019

  • What lace??? my first installation using the full undetectable body wave unit in 22"

    Review byNikita Santos 08/09/2019

  • 1st time wearing a wig I love it. I really dnt kno how to put it on. I did okay tho.

    Review byJustice Carter 08/08/2019

  • Had this hair for 5 months still feels and looks the same

    Review byMiesha Archie 08/08/2019

  • Absolutely love my wig! High quality and low maintenance..Perfect for the summer !! I've gotten so many compliments on this hair...I'll be ordering my fall/winter wig next !!

    Review byTressa Downing 08/07/2019

  • I’ve been rocking lace wigs since 2006, and this company is really the best. The hair quality is amazing and so is the cap construction. This is what I ordered, just cut into a bob for the summer.

    Review byEvie E Rodriguez 08/07/2019

  • Loving this hair and can’t wait to rock it on my 65th birthday vacay this month

    Review byCarole Lee 08/06/2019

  • This is my second purchase from Luvme Hairand boy do I LUVMYHAIR!! This is my 10’ full 360 lace water wave wig on its second weeks since install!! Can’t wait to have my body wave installed

    Review byKourtney Hill 08/06/2019

  • Most definitely love my LuvMeHair unit

    Review byAnn Jones 08/05/2019

  • My very first wig, EVER and i LOVE IT!! 10in Deep Wave undetectable full lace... This lace is as invisible as it could get! loving it! Will b ordering again!!

    Review byAlicia Nicole 08/05/2019

  •  Mix Brown came in that color. Here's the ad pic, the unit straight out the box, and after I cut the lace and hot curled it...I'm 65 and I know you young girls can rock this! excuse my forehead tan line, looks like the lace is still there! LOL!

    Review bySharon Ray 08/04/2019

  • Installed mine last night. My very first time wearing a lace frontal wig! I was so nervous I was going to mess it up

    Review byPamela Monique 08/04/2019


    Review byDori Jones 08/03/2019

  • I ordered 2 wigs from luvme hair. I was very impressed. The hair was soft and didn't smell too bad. Wish I had more pictures but I received a lot of compliments on it.

    Review byNeonta Bailey 08/03/2019

  • First time ordering from this company and they totally exceeded my expectations! I'm normally skeptical about ordering hair online because I want to see my unit, touch it, feel the quality but this company was recommended so I gave it a shot! First, the shipment was fast, 2 DAYS! I ordered Thursday, it came Monday (minus the weekend), with real time tracking!The hairline was pre-plucked, knots were not bleached but that was an easy fix. The unit was already 60% and I received an additional 40% off! Unheard of! I love how full the unit is, it says 180 density and it shows. The hair is super soft and I haven't noticed any shedding!I will definitely order from this company again! No more beauty supply stores for me. 

    Review byTakia Patrice Sade 08/02/2019

  • I got the summer celebrity hair in 10inches it’s soo wonderful I never had a frontal wig before I also changed my part and I love I can put it back I wet it down oil it and go.don’t be scared y’all try it out I’m glad I did

    Review byBee Wilson 08/02/2019

  • I never buy things online because I’m scared of scam but each time I open my Facebook people are testifying about this hair so I was like why not give it a try I did and I’m going bunkers cos I just ordered another hair undetachable 18” I hv this same hair, the summer celebrity curly frontal lace wig and everyone is going crazy about it I just ordered 2 more for my sisters

    Review byBernadette Obadike 08/01/2019

  • Just had mine installed 150 % density..and yes free flat irons are legit. They are awesome. Loving my unit next time 180% densitt

    Review byJacqueline Wilson 08/01/2019

  • 20 in water wave 180 density ..... yeah I bleached the knots and primer to my part nothing else and no glue or gel just the straps

    Review byPlain Jane 07/31/2019

  • Rocking the Waterwave as well. Love it

    Review byTahyisha Taylor 07/31/2019

  • Love my wigs I got 5,full lace deep wave "18" out of the 5 this is my favorite lol.

    Review byMary Gittens 07/30/2019

  • Rockin my new look! Perfect length. Great feel and quality. Summer celebrity style frontal lace wig is just what I was looking for

    Review byPattie Malone 07/29/2019

  • I just got my first wig installed and I love it!

    Review byMelanie Mack Tate 07/28/2019

  • I got loose body wave 220 density 26 inches I love the hair

    Review byJackiie La 07/27/2019

  • I was hoping it came with some waves, I used a curling iron to get some curls

    Review byMichelle Stewart- Lewis 07/27/2019

  • I have this one and I love being able to part on any side.

    Review byKatrina Lewis 07/26/2019

  • I lovvveeee this unit! Ordered on a Friday, here on Monday! This is my 3rd time ordering from them and I have been satisfied every time!!

    Review byAdriana Beckwith 07/26/2019

  • I love it. The Body Wave Short Cut Frontal Lace Wig

    Review byAshieka J. Dyce 07/25/2019

  • Love mine!

    Review byVeronica Houston 07/25/2019

  • I didn't have any issues with the wig itself. The glue gave me an allergic reaction, even though she used the kind for sensitive skin. Next time I want to try the glueless wig.

    Review byNikia Person 07/24/2019

  • I absolutely love my invisible lace front wig, it's so comfortable and easy to install. I did it myself. 18 in body wave curled.

    Review byNicole Campbell 07/23/2019

  • This hair has been a blast

    Review byAvan Nichole Guzman 07/22/2019

  • I love, love, LOVE LuvMeHair!! Easy to install yourself...Natural looking

    Review byLa Toya 07/22/2019

  • This is my first time ordering a unit from Luvme Hair,and it won't be the last.This hair is so soft and beautiful

    Review byChenae Brianna 07/21/2019

  • 22 inch 360 and a year old

    Review byJeanell Holloway Nelson 07/20/2019


    Review byGail Glover  07/18/2019

  • This is my luvme body wave . been wearing and caring for it about 1 year now. It has served me well. Time to retire it bc the lace front is starting to ravel. But I got my money's worth and just ordered my new two tone luvme wig and got a big discount! My stylist said my current luvme don't luvme no more,but she loves putting it on for me. Can't wait til my new one comes!

    Review byKaren Allen 07/17/2019

  • Took mine out the box, cut the lace, put the wig cap on and put the wig on. It’s that easy! Love love love my unit! And it curls so beautifully. Will be ordering like 5 more soon. Lol this is literally the best wig for beginners. I don’t know anything about bleaching knots, plucking, none of that. 

    Review byShekinah House 07/17/2019

  • I’m a mail carrier and with this heat this hair is so light, soft and fabulous!! The best I’ve ever had and I will for sure buy more. It was so easy to install I did it myself and I’m no stylist lol. Straight out the bag, cut the lace and on my head it went! No dying, bleaching or plucking!

    Review byDestanie Harsh 07/16/2019

  • I ordered the full lace water wave and love it!!!

    Review byLisa Smith 07/15/2019

  • I'm in love with this hair and company..Plz keep up the good wrk.. This is a 16" deep wave

    Review bySlim Goodie Ress 07/16/2019

  • Love this hair undetectable full lace 18"

    Review byTrishagaye Wiltshire Johnson 07/15/2019

  • My summer style...I love it. So easy to install. Wow so soft and really looks good...reminds me of What my hair used to look like...this is my first one and I will be ordering another. It has given me a spark in my life especially because my hair was thinning.

    Review byErnestine Cannon 07/13/2019

  • That will be my next purchase. I love the Luvme Hair. Im currently rocking the Density Frontal Wig and I love it.

    Review byTee Tlc Barnes 07/13/2019

  • I order the 16inch body wave for my wedding and I must say I love it. This unit was installed byVida Williams. Check her out her Instagram @touched_by_vida. Hit her up if you ever in the DMV area, she will most definitely slay some hair. I will add more pictures to this post.

    Review byJenny Bee 07/14/2019

  • Love my unit... It's so beautiful

    Review byCheree Faison 07/10/2019

  • Ordered a 12in. & It was a tad bit too long , cut just a little bit and it's perfect

    Review byJasmine Collins 07/12/2019

  • I love my unit. From luv me hair I plan one buying all the style you have I all ready have two thank you luv me hair top fan

    Review byDominga Patterson 07/11/2019

  • i love my full lace closure water wave wig

    Review byKiva Collins 07/11/2019

  • Love my SUMMER CELEBRITY STYLE CURLY FRONTAL LACE WIG. I Got the 10in. I’ve received lots of compliments!

    Review byBrittinie Sledge 06/25/19

  • My client got her unit from here and I SLAYED the install 

    Review byParadise Nacole 07/05/2019

  • 10 inch glue-lees fake scal

    Review byMichelle Amelia 07/09/2019

  • Love it! 12in deep wave undetectable,got this 2 days after ordering! I immediately ordered another one! They have a new loyal customer!

    Review byMelva Mookie Lankheit 07/08/2019

  • Forgot which one it is but it's a LuvMe wig!!!!! 2nd one!!!!

    Review byAnita Webb 07/05/2019

  • Guess you'll can tell that I absolutely love this site

    Review byTaisha Young-Chaldersingh 07/04/2019


    Review byAudrey Noel 07/07/2019

  • Deep wave 16 inch, been 2 months

    Review byNikole Koko Harmon 07/03/2019

  • I have the 26" body wave and I love it. I thought I was too mature to rock it but 45 never looked so good lol...stay beautiful Queen

    Review byTiffany BigMama Haskins 07/02/2019

  • Love the wig from Luvme Hair I only buy from them

    Review byChaunie Woods 07/07/2019

  • Undetectable Full Lace hair,absolutely loveeee itttt!!!

    Review byBrielle Holloway 07/02/2019

  • I purchased, and I love my wig! And I ordered 2 other ones

    Review byShanika Price 07/01/2019

  • I love with this unit. My third one, will definitely be ordering more!

    Review byTerrisa Lewis 07/01/2019

  • First time customer. Finally had a chance to install mine. This is a 360 Lace Wig Pre Plucked Body Wave / 14 inches. 

    Review byNorlisha Gistarb 06/29/19

  • Love my undetectable full lace wig!!! I bought as a 10 inch and cut to a bob. The hair feels and looks amazing! On top of that everyone thought this was my hair no lie! On my way to buy another fast! Got my hair in 3-4 days after ordering.

    Review byDomonique Revis 06/30/19

  • Love my U-part wig!!

    Review byJasmine Burroughs 06/30/19

  • This wig is EVERYTHING!!!! My client first purchase from #LuvMehair she love it ..I’ll definitely be ordering one next

    Review byArtavia Bunch 06/29/19

  • I’m 53 & Love my 16 inch Water Wave!!

    Review byChe'ree LaVette 06/28/19

  • Love the quality and always get cute little gifts in the box

    Review byJarohnya Bailey 07/06/2019

  • I will order again! I love this unit. Its soft and no shedding so far! I got 18 inches 

    Review byJohnise Y Brown 06/28/19

  • Luv my hair!!!!

    Review byKeianna Brown 06/27/19

  • Loving mine...this is my second purchase and I love it 

    Review byRain Gyrl 06/27/19

  • Love love love

    Review byMary Cote' 06/26/19

  • this one is holding up really good I've had it since dec this picture is from today

    Review bySandra Shorter 06/26/19

  • Best hair ever! No shedding! Full and super soft... 12 in curly w/closure straightened.

    Review byShawnie Landers 06/25/19

  • In absolute love!!! Never felt hair this soft and can’t wait to order more.This is the Undetectable Lace frontal 26” Water wave wig

    Review byLéxii Ann 06/24/19

  • I love this hair, undetectable full lace 12" deep water hair. My second time purchasing from luvmehair, And plenty more to go!!!!!

    Review byCcu RN 06/24/19

  • I love it . I get soo many compliments. This is my 3rd wig purchase and won’t be my last. Ordering again tomorrow. I have referred so many people to this website.

    Review byTamikka Lipkins 06/23/19

  •  I love my luvme wig I colored it myself

    Review byMichelle Chelle-Chel Smith  06/23/19

  • My first wig ever and I Love love love it! Undetectable Invisible Lace Best Virgin Hair 13x6 Glueless Frontal Lace Wig Body Wave / 10 inches

    Review byBritt Taylor 06/22/19

  • I love my Side Part Short Cut 8" Frontal Wig. I'm going thru Chemo and this looks so natural and lovely. Just ordered another unit as a backup for when my hair grows back because I love the style and ease of this unit and how it looks like its growing right front your scalp!

    Review byBrenda Bartlett 06/22/19

  • First time ever wearing anything other than my own hair. I’m feeling good...

    Review byMarshell Richards 06/21/19

  • I love my Hair unit!I’m really not into the baby Hairs. But this is a picture with me just cutting the lace, An it looks so real and natural.I just ORDERED THIS SHORT 8 inch unit also.

    Review byNay Sanders 06/21/19

  • 24 inches body wave by Luvmehair. So gorgeous

    Review byBarbi Nikole 06/20/19

  • I’m 53... Love my 16in Water Wave, definitely buying again!! I’ve had it over a month now and have washed & reinstalled without any problems.

    Review byChe'ree Amore 06/20/19

  • This was they wig called cinnamon 26 inches I dyed it this color and dyed it again more darker I had this one since December

    Review byKoffe Brown 06/19/19

  • I love my lace frontal.This is body wave 26". I used semi permanent jet black I trimmed the lace and she was ready to go...I will be ordering again

    Review byTiffany BigMama Haskins 06/19/19

  • I have 5 wigs from luvmehair and just ordered another one. Here's one I had over a year now.

    Review byDenise Giles 06/18/19

  • I love mines it was 10 inches but cute

    Review byLove Keri 06/18/19

  • Self install. First time. Love this wig. Just ordered another one this morning

    Review byAyana Meacham 06/17/19

  • Love my wig!!! Middle part bob! Definitely ordering again

    Review bySabrina Hall 06/17/19

  • So in love with this 24” full lace deep wave unit!! Shipping was easy breezy fast. Prices are very reasonable, and will definitely be ordering more units from them!

    Review byKandis Von 06/16/19

  • My 10inch deepwave full lace

    Review byVe Stewart 06/16/19

  • Wow wow!! I'm very pleased and amazed with Luvme Hair. I got my order within 2 days and the quality of the hair is great. Thank you so much Luvme Hair!!

    Review byChante Johnson 06/15/19

  • I love this wig,easy to install and very soft got it in 4days,I'm satisfied.

    Review byMary Gittens 06/15/19

  • I absolutely love my Undetectable Transparent Full Lace Wig 2.0 in the 18in Body Wave! I’ve had it for a couple of months now and I straighten it a lot and it still goes back to its original wave patten whenever I wash it. Very easy to install and it looks very realistic.

    Review byCierra Ace 06/14/19

  • I will buy again again again in Luvme Hair. I received a lot of compliments every day about this hair.

    Review bySheila Aromana Nervil 06/14/19

  • I've ordered my 2nd one from them!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM

    Review byShayla Campbell 06/13/19

  • This is the first wig I brought from them. Out of all the wigs I have brought in the past I am pretty impressed

    Review bySireta Diaz 06/13/19

  • I am rocking this wig today!...I bleached it to lighten it up and planning to go is still soft and my curls are popping!...

    Review byKim Dillard-McKinley 06/12/19

  • My latest 14” full body lace front custom dyed and installed. I love every unit I’ve purchased from them, all 4! Thank you Luvme..

    Review byLori Bush 06/12/19

  •  Just got mine ladies and I love it Luvme Hair

    Review byDomonique Brown 06/10/19

  • Love my wig. Just ordered 2more waiting on delivery today

    Review byBelinda Morris Gant 06/09/19

  • Loving my 12” unit thanks Luvme Hair😍

    Review byLakesia Feazell 06/07/19

  • This is my 4th unit bought 2 bobs a straight and a waterwave I will continue to buy everyone loves them.

    Review byLatoya Dacres 06/07/19

  • I purchased the Celebrity curly wig and I’m in LOVE!!!!! I’m so glad I tried your company!! Thank you!! Luvme Hair

    Review byDanielle Powell 06/06/19

  • I just bought this in 180 density in 12"

    Review byMia Jones 06/04/19

  • I got mine on March this year and for a beginner I did a great job by myself doing different styles.

    Review bySheila Aromana Nervil 06/05/19

  • My latest unit, custom color and style. 14” full body. I love their units and the customer service, thank you luvme!

    Review byLori Bush 06/06/19

  • This hair is so awesome!!!! My water wave 14” am inlove🥰 Luvme Hair

    Review bySonja Sostre Dlr 06/04/19

  • So here is an update on this magnificent wig. I've been having this wig now for almost a month on the 7th. I have taken this wig off twice just to wash, deep condition and treat it with oil but install it the same day. I still get very little shedding which is to be expected, the hair is still soft, it still has its curls, it doesn't tangle (unless I wet it and lay down without putting it up. 1 mistake i made. But detangling it wasn't an issue at all). By far this is the best hair line i have used. And will continue to use. Once again Thank you Luvme hair

    Review byDeQuandra Neely-Thompson 06/04/19

  • I love this hair. This is the Breathable 360 Lace Wig Pre Plucked × 1

    Review byKesha Bruton 06/05/19

  • 4th time putting this wig on...was 12in...cut it shorter and made it a bob!!! I loovvveee this hair

    Review byDominique Coleman 05/31/19

  • What frontal????? I just love this hair I got married last week and I ordered my hair from Luvme Hair. The lace matched my skin perfectly. And my install was bomb!!!!! The hair barely sheds and it’s tangle free! I would recommend this hair to anyone

    Review byTika Alizé 06/01/19

  • Undetectable lace wig water wave 24 inches, thank you luvme hair😘

    Review byMoramene Simon Dorval 06/06/19

  • My 1st Luvme Wig, Honey & I in the Bahamas. Love it now I just ordered the 360 Lace Wig😍

    Review byTorya Williams-Garner 06/05/19

  • I love it! Been ordering wigs from here for about a year now!!!!

    Review byKelli Jones 06/05/19

  • Installed my 10in unit and I love it❤ thanks Luvme Hair😘

    Review byAlicia Sims 05/29/19

  • This is the awesome wig I purchase it's fit well soft look like it really your hair it came in three day just in time for my event customer service was excellent the tracking process was even awesome so I was just please about everything like they say on here I will be ordering again this is my go-to place for now on 😘

    Review byLinda Archie 05/27/19

  • Better view of it. Btw, my selfies always turn into "us"ies with my kids😂

    Review byCourtney Foster 05/27/19

  • Luv me hair is absolutely amazing, customer service is fast and the hair is like butter and true to length, I got the half wig water wave 20 inches

    Review byJossy Eva Stone 05/24/19

  • I Looove my LUVME hair, this is my 4th unit. Get it guys, you won't regret it. ❤️❤️💕💕

    Review byDiana Prettie 05/26/19

  • luvme hair reviews

    I'm so in LOVE with my 22inch body wave 360 unit!🔥🔥 I bleached the knots but it was already pre plucked 😍😍

    Review byJazmine Mone't 05/28/19

  • luvme hair reviews

    I ordered this exact wig in an 8 inch and it is absolutely gorgeous. Shipping was extremely fast. The cut on this wig is very beautiful & neat. This wig requires little to no customization. However, I wish I would have ordered a smaller cap size. The wig is big head friendly but for someone with a smaller-sized head like myself, I would encourage you to request a smaller cap size upon ordering. Overall, this is one of my favorite wigs so far. I will be ordering another unit soon.

    Review byTierra Jarvis 05/28/19

  • 10inch undetectable lace 😍😍. I’m so in love with this unit

    Review byKalynn Fomby 03/21/19

  • 20” water wave full lace wig

    Review byMonique Sumpter 03/03/19

  • Loving my 360 wig deep wave 20”. This was my first time trying a lace and i think i did pretty good for my first time.

    Review bySantrella Thomas 03/04/19

  • Body wave 22 inch. It came in the mail in only two days. I been telling everyone about this company

    Review byCole Winter 03/06/19

  • Water wave undetectable and I love it

    Review byKaren Morrow 03/05/19

  • Loving my new undetectable full lace wig. I ended up bleaching it love the ending results. Shipping was pretty good it only took less than a week to get my wig.

    Review byMelissa Joy 03/05/19

  • 5mths and still holding up!!! Love luv me hair!!!

    Review byDhana Boyd 03/05/19

  • As you can see I'm a luvme fan. I had to speak at a Black History Month event the hair unit was most fitting. I look good I felt well and I wasn't overwhelmed at all. I simply followed the procedure as posted. And I rocked the short sassy neat look👍💗🌟💯

    Review byStacie Spencer 03/07/19

  • Luvme came thru drippin💧 14” u part body wave bih

    Review byClarissa Santiago 03/01/19

  • Absolutely Stunning 🤗🥰 InStalled my 26’ Body Wave 360 wig Lastnight💪🏾 Love Everything About All my Luvme Hair🤗😘

    Review byJanna Scott 03/07/19

  • Just bought another unit this is a frontal

    Review byYashicka Nivea Brown 03/08/19

  • I’m in love with my 360 deep wave 16”. Fast delivery! Will definitely be ordering again.

    Review byFashia Mack 03/08/19

  • So y’all listen! I was SO SKEPTICAL ABOUT BUYING FROM THIS COMPANY, but when I tell y’all, I bout this wig on a FRIDAY, it arrived that following TUESDAY! It’s soooo soft, I haven’t went in and plucked it or anything (I do plan to however) the ONLY thing I did to this wig is curl it Wednesday night (this picture was taken today) and cut the baby hairs down because they were a little too long for me. The hair is so soft and it doesn’t stink, minimal shedding if any since I’ve had it. The only thing I would change is the density it’s not super full like I like but it’s soo pretty and not hella thin either. Next time I order (and there will be a next time) I’ll get the 180 density instead of 150. Anywho, more pics will be commented below! OH and this lace looks sooooo good the quality is amazing it’s literally SO transparent, I was SHOOK!!!!

    Review byChyna Parks-Lomnick 03/02/19

  • I just wanna say I’ve wanted to buy from you guys for a while I finally did and I’m in love absolutely love my unit

    Review byPaula SavedbyGrace Green 03/08/19

  • Body wave u part 18inch.

    Review byChris Reuschling 03/03/19

  • Got my unit in the mail last Thursday. I had been comment watching for a while before I finally purchased my first wig and I’m absolutely in luv!! 😍 came fast the box was a bit beat up and I didn’t get the flat iron!🤔 but I was happy with the out come.

    Review byAqualisha Davison 03/08/19

  • This hair is so pretty and soft, 200 density small curl lace front, #Luvmehair😍

    Review byRegina Mitchell 03/08/19

  • Curly bob done on my mother.

    Review byKeyunna Harris 02/28/19

  • I love my 360 wig!

    Review byNatasha Lomax 02/28/19

  • Love my wig‼️ 18 inch lace fron🥰

    Review byJustice Simone 02/26/19

  • This is the kinky straight. I get so many compliments on this unit.

    Review byAnDreamya Williams Clark 02/27/19

  • First wig and I love it! No tangling or shedding!

    Review byKaren Alexander-Arnold 02/25/19

  • U-part straight 20 inches..I really like this unit ❤️

    Review byJada Mc 02/15/19

  • Undetectable lace frontal 13x6. Lace is super natural. 💕❤️

    Review byShawn Oley 02/15/19

  • This is another wig I purchased from Luvme Hair 360 lace frontal body wave I installed and styled. Loveeeeeee it

    Review byManda Lala Smith 02/23/19

  • Love my upart wig!! 18in

    Review byShatera Miller 02/22/19

  • Love my blunt cut bob 😍

    Review bySaudia Adams 02/24/19

  • I been purchasing my wigs from Luvme Hair for about 4 years now. I’m addicted🤗 just purchased this beauty 360 lace frontal body wave 16”, and I just bleached it to achieve my honey blonde color and installed next day. I been a happy customer. I haven’t curled it yet I’m just loving the straight look for now. Curls will be coming soon tho

    Review byManda Lala Smith 02/23/19

  • My Upart wig is still fresh with the bouncy body wave curls

    Review bySB Miller 02/14/19

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