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Luvme Hair Reviews

  • 12 inch deep wave T part bob sugar plum.I flat iron it straight or I wand curl it. Just purchased 2 weeks ago! Shipping is always on point!

    Review byCinn George 18/03/2020

  • I love my wig !! Install by me . 5x5 lace closure. Ships within 3-5 days although I always get mine in 3 days!!! This is like my 8th wig lol very nice hair and I'm picky. I don't do tacky at take it from me ORDER YOURS .

    Review byKe Renee 18/03/2020

  • U Part Wig 24 inches I had this one for about a year love it 

    Review byItsMs Quinones 17/03/2020

  • The best investment I ever made on hair I love it

    Review byIslas Marie 17/03/2020

  • Luv my wigs from Luvme...I got so many wigs and everyone of them has been great quality and super fast shipping...

    Review byLisa Maria 16/03/2020

  • I love mine! Slightly flat ironed here... I get tons of compliments.

    Review byLaShouna Monique 16/03/2020

  • I’m in love with this hair!! It’s such great quality and the install was super easy

    Review byMekisha Johnson 15/03/2020

  • Love all of mine!!! I have all of the headband wigs lol, deep wave, kinky straight, regular bob and highlight bob.

    Review byNikia Williams Wilson 15/03/2020

  • OMG!!!! Their headband wigs give me life! I got so many compliments ❤ this kinky one is so full and easy to manage..... no shedding

    Review byDestiny Holley-Brock 14/03/2020

  • Received mine in 3 days! I love my wig! I got the wet n wavy 16". I'll definitely be ordering again very soon!

    Review byKandii Redd 14/03/2020

  • My 360 lace wig from Luvme Hair for my birthday... the hair is black and straight , my beautician dyed it sugar plum and crimp it... OMG the compliment I get and the “where u get your hair “ from question had me feeling great ... I would recommend @Luvme hair to people who ask .. there hair is a must .. the quality , price and texture is a must... and delivery time is really fast ... 

    Review byOnyx Love 13/03/2020

  • I love it so soft 

    Review byAngela Dillard 13/03/2020

  • Can I just say that Luvme Hair's Iced Grey Wig is the cutest thing???!!! Just ordered another one today

    Review byNaola Leconte 12/03/2020

  • I bought my first wig from you guys. Best investment ever. I will be ordering another one soon.

    Review byMario Ardelia-Robinson 12/03/2020

  • My 5 unit from the company

    Review byNichole Casnave 11/03/2020

  •  looooove mine, it's my very first wig EVER and it's so easy and versitile ...also my natural hair is pixie cut style and I can STILL wear this effortlessly with no problem, the combs grip just fine

    Review byChristina Mathis-Smith 11/03/2020

  • Just received the 16 inch wet and wavy,but now I want a deep wave too! Love this! This is my 3rd purchase! The hair is quality! You will not be disappointed!

    Review byConstance Oretia 10/03/2020

  • Yes it give life

    Review byKay Edwards 10/03/2020

  • I love this wig! It's my first "real" wig

    Review byCharla Williams 09/03/2020

  • I received mine and I am absolutely in love with it. I will be ordering more as soon as I can. I ordered the 16inch wet and wavy! I am so in love with this product. I also love all the headbands and accessories that comes in the box.

    Review byAmanda Jackson 09/03/2020

  • I have this one. Love the color and silky & bouncy texture.

    Review byNathalie Martin Edwards 08/03/2020

  • 24 inch deep wave. Super easy and convenient to install. I’m obsessed with headband wigs

    Review byKrystal Lilly 08/03/2020

  • Loving mine so far!!Just pushed it back some to fit on my ginormous head,Love how it looks like my hair when it's blown out

    Review byJesse Foyster 07/03/2020

  • I absolutely love mines!!! It looks so natural 

    Review byGayla Brown 07/03/2020

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this wig! It is soft and the color is perfect! Can’t wait to buy more from Luvme!!

    Review byBrittney Sade Sanders 06/03/2020

  • I made my first order and I'm in love with this headband wig

    Review byBreyosha Wood 05/03/2020

  • Received my first and had it installed by my daughter! Super loving

    Review byNgobatasi Hannah 05/03/2020

  • Gots lots of compliments today . First time wearing . I absolutely love this look on me

    Review byAlphonse Stacey 04/03/2020

  • I love mine had it for a whole year and it still looks new. Just take care of it. You will have no problems with it.

    Review byLateefah Naeema 04/03/2020

  • Love it ❤️❤️. This is my second unit. Arrived 3 days after purchase. Threw it on for work today. I receive sooo many compliments. Took 5 min to put on and style. Will be purchasing a longer one.

    Review byDeanna Yeldell Jennings 03/03/2020

  • Love it can’t wait for my next one

    Review byCha Lang 03/03/2020

  • Love my upart wig ! Blends in with my real hair . Just ordered another wig for my birthday .

    Review byValensya Lewis 02/03/2020

  • The absolute cutest, just received mine and have already received a ton of compliments! I have the 22in wet n wavy unit.

    Review byDe Shunda Perkins 02/03/2020

  • I just love my undetectable invisible lace wig

    Review byAngela D Gardner-Holmes 01/03/2020

  • Loving mine so far!!Just pushed it back some to fit on my ginormous head.Love how it looks like my hair when it's blown out

    Review byJesse Foyster 01/03/2020

  • Love my u-part wig from Luvme hair. Dyed it black and everyone said it looks natural. Just ordered a longer length birthday hair

    Review byValensya Lewis 28/02/2020

  • Yessss I’ve had my upart wig going on year 2 and it’s still amazing!

    Review byMelissa White 28/02/2020

  • This is everything I needed! I love this wig !!

    Review byWhitney Carter-Allen 27/02/2020

  • I love mine I flat ironed mine I curl it. The texture is everything

    Review byRudie Mac 27/02/2020

  • I love this unit!!! It is my go to as a mom on weeks where I just don’t have time to do a full install.

    Review byJessica Owens 26/02/2020

  • I love this unit!!! I purchased the 16 inch unit and it looks great whether you wear it up, down, with or without an additional headband. It’s so soft and doesn’t shred. It’s worth the price!! Purchase this, you will love it too.

    Review byKala Biscoe 26/02/2020

  • I love my 18in Jheri curl wig! The texture and curls are perfect! I love big hair and this wig does not disappoint

    Review byKimberly Newton 25/02/2020

  • I loveeeeeeee this one and the me life

    Review byTamyra Belo 25/02/2020

  • This Bob is a GAME CHANGER! The u-part is's very snug, and the hair quality is amazing

    Review byBetty Robinson-Owens 24/02/2020

  • I actually have the upart wig in 22 water wave and I absolutely love it!

    Review byYvonne Frazier 24/02/2020

  • I love mine so much! It’s cute cute ❤️ Thanks Luvme Hair for quality wigs 

    Review byCarla Leejay 23/02/2020

  • So in love with this wig!

    Review byAshantia Deandrea 23/02/2020

  • When I tell y'll, I absolutely love this hair,this is my first wig and I'll addicted and ready to buy more

    Review byChristol James 22/02/2020

  • Love mine

    Review byShilo Essence 22/02/2020

  • The headband wig y’all!!!!!! This literally looks like it grew out of my scalp!!

    Review byDoris Walkins 21/02/2020

  • I’m loving mine also, I bought her in a 22inch!! Here showing half curled and half not curled yet!! This by far is my favorite one. I love ❤️ it

    Review byTilly Mobley 21/02/2020


    Review byLisa Thomas 20/02/2020

  • I had to come and say how much I love this wig. It's so bomb & easy to put on and not to mention it comes with everything in the box.I def will be back first but not the last purchase for sure

    Review byShay Jordan 20/02/2020

  • Luvme hair forever. 22” 180 density

    Review byLavinia Ice 19/02/2020

  • Just got this new Luvme headband wig for my 69th birthday and I love it. So quick and easy, 5 minutes and I was ready for my birthday date with my hubby. For a quick and easy look you can't go wrong with the new headband wigs

    Review byFatima Boggan-Campbell 19/02/2020

  • Best hair hands down

    Review byLavinia Ice 18/02/2020

  • Kinky straight u part wig 22in- wand curled

    Review byCrystal Williams 18/02/2020

  • Absolutely worth the buy !

    Review byTawinika Mckoy 17/02/2020

  • Love mine❤️

    Review byJamiecea Williams 17/02/2020

  • I LOVE my luvme headband wig. I will definitely be buying more!! From the color to the easy instillation, this is perfect for my busy life!! 

    Review byJessica Watson 16/02/2020

  • Issa Wig high density Glueless 20in; absolutely love this wig! Will definitely purchase more from this company. The quality is amazing

    Review byKasi Shelton 16/02/2020

  • Loving my hair.I get compliments on it daily!

    Review byBee Elisa 15/02/2020

  • Love my wig from luvme hair 

    Review byDirahh Stockley 15/02/2020

  • Deep wave head band wig. I colored it myself.

    Review byKarma Fitz 14/02/2020

  • Loving my hair!!! Body Wave / 18 inches

    Review byJennifer Cogshell 14/02/2020

  • Hair is ALL DAT ladies... def buy...I'm wearing 20 in Deep Wave.. I added some leave in conditioner and water...Brushed it through with my detangler brush.

    Review byVonnie Von 13/02/2020

  • Love mine!

    Review byTashala Taylor 13/02/2020

  • *First time purchasing* I just received mine yesterday and it’s nice! It came in 6 days and I believe it only took that long due to our weather here in the Midwest. Forever customer! 12in wet n wavy only sprayed water. Makes me look young again.

    Review byCandice Ross 12/02/2020

  • My bob wig with bangs.I curled the hair, It's cute

    Review byArlynda Arlyn 12/02/2020

  • I love my unit...looks soo natural. I've ordered so many and this is one of my favorites...getting ready to make another purchase

    Review byNicole Dove 11/02/2020

  • I love my headband wig!! I went from 1 "test run" wig and now I easily have 4-5 lol

    Review byRikkita BeautifulVirgo Bradley 11/02/2020

  • I’m definitely obsessed with my first Luvme Hair purchase

    Review byLyric Johnson 10/02/2020

  • I’ve had my wig almost 2 years now

    Review byJazmyne Wilson 10/02/2020

  • Love mine this is my 5th unit from Luvme Hair

    Review byJessica Hkpo Mccoy 09/02/2020

  • 22 inches and I’m in love

    Review byDeja Jones 09/02/2020

  • Love mine this is my 5th unit Luvme Hair

    Review byJessica Hkpo Mccoy 08/02/2020

  • I absolutely love my first purchase ! I honestly have no complaints

    Review byPrecious Margery 08/02/2020

  • By far one of my favorite wigs ever!! My friends agree

    Review byAshlee Jade 07/02/2020

  • I ordered this unit in16" love it just put little water and curls come naturally good hair

    Review byIda Randolph 07/02/2020

  • Loving my Luvme upart wig 18 inch body wave

    Review byTova Sanders 26/01/2020

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