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Luvme And Me - _melaninmamiki_

From _melaninmamiki_ ( IG ) I first purchased Luvme Hair A Little Over 2.5 years ago. I saw an ad on facebook & ...

Luvme And Me - mixedgirl_canuck

From mixedgirl_canuck ( IG ) Came across @luvmehair one day as I was scrolling through IG. When I’ve checked out the...

Luvme And Me - its_asia_p

From its_asia_p ( IG ) I’ve been shopping with Luvme hair for a year now and I’m absolutely in love with the quality...

Luvme And Me - candyla44

From candyla44 ( IG ) @luvmehair has kindly came into my life about a little over a year ago. I slowly started seein...

Luvme And Me - glamorous_tateamua_

From glamorous_tateamua_ ( IG ) @luvmehair I literally as you can see am a person who loves to change up my look up....

Luvme And Me - mysterious_milkchocolate

From mysterious_milkchocolate ( IG ) This wonderful journey I've been on with @luvmehair have brought out my inner m...

Luvme And Me - author_mhogany

From author_mhogany ( IG ) 2016 I Was Diagnosed With Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, A Blood Cancer @llsusa . I Went Thr...

Luvme And Me - msalimarrie

From msalimarrie ( IG ) My experience with luvme hair. Ohhh boy where do I even begin. My experience with luvme hair...

Luvme And Me - venuslovesmystars

  From venuslovesmystars ( IG ) I was introduced to Luvmehair years ago so glad that I did cause as you can see from...

Luvme And Me - elle_marie83

From elle_marie83 ( IG ) I've been shopping with @luvmehair for a little over 3 years now. Every unit it get from th...

Luvme And Me - so_ga95

From So_ga95 ( IG ) I started my journey with Luvme’s hair a year ago I discovered Luvme’s on the explore page or In...

Luvme And Me - Tashiaaaaagee

From Tashiaaaaagee ( IG ) #luvmehair In these pictures are The Only Two Times Ive Wore LuvMe Hair. I Heard About The...
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