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Scam Alert! Don't Be Fooled By Fake Websites! How to Identify the Fake Page/Websites?

    In recent days, we have received many customer reminders that a scammer gang is rampantly stealing Luvme's Page a...

Why I Love The New "Undetectable Lace" From LuvMeHair?

This blog is forwarded from @so_angie(IG) Her Instagram page: Her blog home page:...

How to choose the best lace for your skin | Luvmehair Review + Install

Watch this video from hair diva @SIMONESHARICE and check the difference between a normal swiss lace unit from other b...

Real & fake undetectable lace | What they don't tell you | Must👀 | Luvmehair Review

"Can I wear #luvmehair wigs go swimming?"😎 "Will bold hold pass the swim test?"🧐 You will get all answers in this vid...

No more molding caps needed | New pre-made fake scalp wig? | Must 👀 | Luvmehair Review

Are you curious about #luvmehair fake scalp unit?🧐 Watch how our hairstylist @Sewin Savior obtain this natural look😍🌟...

Exposed!! How to tell the difference between Real vs Fake Undetectable Lace? Ft. Luvme Hair

Watch this review from our hairstylist @SheDoes ItAll 💗💗 It's a helpful video that help you avoid being fooled by tho...

Luvme Hair New Product—What's the wig knots healer?

Have you heard wig knots healer before?😍 Save your time, no bleaching needed anymore!👏👏 How to use it correctly? Chec...

Do you know how lace units are made? Ft. Luvme Hair

To make a perfect & durable lace unit, it's very time-consuming and labor-consuming.🙌 Even so, the price of our h...

"Who Will You Be Today?"——Top 4 reasons you need a WIG!

1) Money Saver – Investing in a wig guarantees you a style that surpasses a sew-in! Wigs constructed on a sewing mach...

What Is An Undetectable Transparent Lace Wig?

The real & natural look is the highest standard of a lace wig, so undetectable lace is born for it. Undetectable ...

How to Identify Fake Hair Advertisement?

Alert! Fake Hair, Fake Page & Post, Fake Website! Beware! How to Identify Fake Hair Advertisement? We noticed th...

New Hair Extension Technique: Braid In Bundles

If you get a weave install in frequency, you might be not strange to “ glue,treat and clips”. Are you sick of the wor...
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