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How much are lace frontal wigs

The price of a frontal lace wig mainly depends on hair quality and area of lace. 100% human hair wig is definitely mo...

How much does a good wig cost

  How do you define a good wig?  First of all, a good wig should be as natural as original hair(natural color,natural...

How do lace front wigs work

Lace frontal wig(frontal lace wig) is one kind of lace wig. Why is a frontal lace wig so popular? How do lace frontal...

What is HD lace

HD lace means "High Definition Lace". Some people call it Swiss lace as well, cause it’s a royal lace material which ...

How to style curly wig

If you are buying straight hair and you want to create a curly hair style or you want to restore the curly hair that ...

How to keep curly wig looking wet

“I want to be attractive!” “Is there any way to be a special one in the crowd?” Hah, I think curly wet hair would be ...

How to fix cheap wigs

How should Luvmehair's cheap real human hair be repaired? In fact, all the human hair wigs purchased from Luvmehair ...

Ginger pixie cut wig

“Is there any wig fit for work?”  “I want to be more confident, what should I do?” “Which wig is able to show the pro...

What is a half wig

What is semi-wig(half wig)? Semi-wigs are wigs that cover only part of the head. The term "semi-wig" is a general exp...

What is full lace wig

Full lace wig Unlike the front lace wig, the base of the full lace wig is entirely made of lace. This means that full...

How to make cheap wigs look good

Well, the answer to this question is kind of like my another article(HOW TO FIX A CHEAP WIG). If you haven’t read tha...

How to make frontal wig

Frontal lace wig is composed of lace part and weaving part. Weaving part The part other than the lace on the forehead...
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