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How long do quick weave last?

What is quick knitting(quick weave)?

Quick knitting is a full-head knitting technique, and its whole design is for easy wearing and removal. It is basically a customized wig headgear.

The quick knitting technique was developed shortly after Christina Jenkins introduced knitting in the 1950s. Jenkins applied for a patent for her hair knitting process in 1951, and revolutionized the world of hair by introducing it into the sewing process.

How long does the quick knitting(quick weave) last?

The service life of quick knitting is shorter than that of traditional sewing. Therefore, if you want to use the product for a long time, you may need to reconsider. Most quick knitting lasts a month. If properly maintained, you can wear the sewing fabric for more than two months. The glue can last about 10 to 14 days.

Do we have a better choice?

Yes! Even Though quick weave is faster than a traditional weave(it takes 4 hours in usual), it still causes trouble for most ladies. Nowadays, some high quality wig providers, for example, Luvmehair, have provided kinds of convenient wigs for their customers.

If you are new to the wig world, I would recommend you try the headband wig(click it here to get one) from Luvmehair. The headband wig of Luvmehair doesn't need to glue or cut lace. Pick it up and put it on. Adjust the hair and clip it(there are 4 clips inside the wig). Then you can go for work and your date. It’s perfect for busy days! 


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