What is PartingMax Glueless Wig?

As the name implies, PartingMax Glueless wigs offer a maximum lace area-7x6 lace, allowing for ultimate freedom in parting your hair FREE PARTING while eliminating the challenges of dealing with excess lace around your ears. Furthermore, these wigs ensure the best glueless security for everyday wear. They represent a friendly and well-balanced choice among various lace options. Luvme is thrilled to introduce our upgraded PartingMax Glueless Wigs! Let's dive in and explore these wigs in more detail.

The image shows the structure of PartingMax wig

Why choose to be 7x6'' Lace?

Luvme always prioritizes our customers' feedback and needs. Our customers love the easy-to-install and convenient 5x5 closure lace wig, but they have higher expectations for parting versatility. The commonly seen 13x4 frontal lace wig, while it offers a larger free parting area, can be quite challenging to manage, even for wig experts. Furthermore, the larger lace area makes it difficult to achieve a fully glueless experience (as it still requires spray or gel to secure).


Our PartingMax Glueless boasts a wider and deeper parting area. The 7-inch width covers the ear-to-ear hairline without any extra lace to deal with. This means you can effortlessly create deep C-parts, side parts, and various frontal styles (without the hassle to deal with the ear tabs). The 6-inch depth offers the perfect length for a sleek, lay-flat look from the crown to the front.

The image of PartingMax Glueless wig 7x6 lace 

Best Secure Glueless

Importantly, this lace ratio provides the best secure glueless. In our product development process, we rigorously tested various front lengths from 6 to 10 inches and found that 7 inches offers the best glueless performance. Front lengths exceeding 7 inches tend to slide back, which we discovered through tests conducted by 30+ volunteers and 300+ shake tests. This is why we've chosen the most balanced and effective 7x6 lace ratio.



In addition to providing an effective lace area, Luvme has made significant upgrades to enhance overall comfort.

  • Hairline: The hairline is pre-plucked with clear knots, and we use HD lace to ensure your style is always Ready-to-Go.
  • Cap Structure: We've employed elastic materials and a mesh design to guarantee a snug-fit and breathable wearing experience. Your go-to choice for protective styling.
  • EAR TABS: Among the most notable improvements, as pointed out by our customers, are the ear tabs. We've redesigned the ear tab shape to match the contours of your ears and used extra-soft materials to prevent skin rubbing and irritation.
  • Secure Glueless: To enhance security, we've embedded silicone anti-slip strips at the bottom of the wig cap. The wig cap design is now more compact.
The image shows the review of 7x6 lace wig

Customers' Real Feedback

- Can this 7*6 lace wig meet all your parting needs?

Omg yes it does!!! I love all of the extra parting space and it still fits really good around my ears and my face. I can do a left/ right/ middle part and it still looks amazing!

- Is this more convenient than other glueless wigs?

Honestly, the silicone anti-slip strips around the cap make it a game changer along with the fact that it's pre-bleached!! Those are my favorite features of this wig beside the thickness of it and the curls. Definitely makes it easy to be a glueless wig.

- Do you still need a tutorial for installing this 7x6 product?

No! I did not need a tutorial at all, I installed it the same way I install my other wigs. It was very easy.

The image shows the review of PartingMax Gluelss Wig 7x6 Lace

Customers' Real Feedback

- Compared with 5x5/13x4 lace, which lace area would you prefer to buy?

I do like the 7x6 better than the 5x5 because it gives more parting space/ freedom to style. 13x4 would be the last after that. I like to wear majority of my wigs glueless, so the 5x5 and 7x6 are the easiest to do that.

The silicone anti-slip grips, the cap, the revised ear tabs, and the breathable cap all make this a winner!!!

- Are you satisfied with the comfort and fit of the product mesh cap?

Yes yes yes!!!! This is my favorite new innovation. It makes the wig so comfortable and fit so well. EVERY wig should be made like this, Every one!!

Switching it up is everything! and we hope you enjoy new products and effortless styles with Luvme every day!
October 27, 2023 — Luvme Contributor

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