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Frequently Asked Questions Of 613 Blonde Wig

1. Is 613 blonde a natural hair color?
The 613 blonde is the natural color when only the melanin is taken out of natural hair. This color can make you look youthful and distinctive. This wig is the go-to wig if you're looking for novelty and freshness.

2. Are 613 blonde wigs bleached?
Yes. The 613 blonde is the color of real hair after you bleach the melanin out. It’s a common and popular hair color in the world of fashion.

3. How do I stop my 613 blonde wig from shedding?
The 613 blonde wig is easier to shed than virgin human hair because its cuticles must be processed for the bleaching. To stop your 613 blonde wig from shedding, use hair conditioner every time you wash it and do NOT blow it dry. Use a wide-tooth brush to comb it gently. Use wash-free hair conditioner on the tangled strands before you untangle them with your fingers.

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