I was Diagnosed in 2016 with Stage 3 grade 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I endured and overcame double mastectomy, lumpectomy, 6 months of chemotherapy and radiation along with Lymphoedema therapy. Initially I was in shock, but ultimately gave God the glory because I knew while i was the only woman in my family to ever be diagnosed I knew this was a faith fight. I wrote and documented my journey in a book entitled Chasing F.E.A.R -which stands for false evidence appearing real. I was going through a divorce and raising my two teenage daughters at the time never stopped going to school and continued my education all the way up until therapy was complete I completed my nursing degree in 2022 I am still fighting everyday to stay negative and stay clean on my mammograms it is an everyday challenge but as we all know challenges are meant to be overcome. I believe that by going through breast cancer it made me a better woman mentally physically emotionally for my daughters they saw my fight they saw me never give up and they continue to live and thrive as well so the then death sentence that was given to me was granted a life sentence by the Lord above so I'm forever grateful. I became a mentor for Kent county Delaware breast cancer coalition I walk every year I also created a natural lip gloss line called BranNu lips that I gave out two different women overcoming breast cancer, I also still mentor Breast Cancer patients that have my same diagnosis. I also now work for a company that collects blood samples and sends the information to the company Natera that detects cancer 6 months before it shows up on imaging. I am a forever mentor🩷
October 10, 2023 — Ada krystal

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