Hey!!! I’ve tried something new to me and wanted to share. I purchased the 1Pcs Portable Hair Extensions Storage Wig Bags With Anti-Slip Wooden Hanger & Transparent Zip Up Closure. These bags are sturdy and as Luvme Hair’s other products are these are of the highest and best quality. The space they save and the idea of them being purple with the LUVME LOGO being on each of them is worth the cost to me. They are as lovely as the purple boxes. Don’t get me wrong l luv my purple boxes but they are beginning to stock up so much so that my husband is beginning to look at them and me a little cross-eyed(🙄). No I’m not getting rid of my boxes by no means. They are with me to stay but I will be ordering more of these pretty bags. Just go to the Luvme Hair app or website and on homepage in upper left hand corner tab then tap collection in list and then tap accessories in that list. You will find them there. You never know how you might like something until you try it.

October 10, 2023 — Ada krystal

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