Hello all! Here’s my short and detailed story review. So I got this unit a couple months back, and it looked really cute online , I was very hesitant at first. Normally, I won’t get a wig with highlights , I try to stay away from wigs with color or that have highlights because I didn’t think color wigs would look cute on me. But my sister insisted that I purchase this particular wig so I gave in. Needless to say, I didn’t like it at first!. I felt like it wasn’t fitting my face, but then it grew on me after a short time of having a emotional meltdown lol I fell in love with it. I’ve gotten so many compliments , the fact that the scalp itself matched my frame to my head to the T! I was convinced this was my real hair growing out my own scalp every time I wore it lol 😂. My boss asked me who did my hair cause she thought the wig was my real hair. I mean I bought so it is mines technically right! But anyways, long story short; I’m obsessed with her and she’s one of my favorites! Luvme never see’s to fail me!! Btw I added some more curls to her as you can see in my pic .

October 10, 2023 — Ada krystal

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