I was diagnosed with stage 3 grade 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2016. I remember like it was yesterday after my first chemo treatment August 21 2016. I remember meeting with the nurse and the nurse told me all of the side effects the possible side effects that could come from me taking the chemotherapy. One of the most difficult things for me to deal with was the fact that I would lose my hair.
I am not a vain person but when I tell you that my hair was beautiful thick and healthy I remember going to the hair salon and asking my stylist to cut my hair shorter so that I could start the process of not having hair after my very first chemo I remember getting in the shower and washing my hair and all of the hair was in the tub and going down the drain it was the most painful time of my life because even though I was extremely spiritual and I believe that God was going to heal me it was seeing it with my physical eye that the process was beginning Little did I know that that very same process would build me and mold me into the woman that I am today.
As the years went by I mingled with different hair products to try to regrow my hair after chemo was completed in 2018 but to no avail my hair would grow but it would break and shed profusely to the point that I had to solely depend on wearing wigs in order to appear normal.
I remember I used to wear synthetic wigs from the web I was too embarrassed to go to the actual store to purchase and they were horrible and it was like the first time that I was introduced to love me it became a bi-weekly thing.
Every 2 week when I got paid I would purchase a new wig I used to think I was not photogenic but it was not until I started wearing love me wigs that I really began to embrace the fact that I may never have my own hair again and I was okay with it because these wigs were so natural and so beautiful that they complimented me and they became who I am... Fast forward 7 and 1/2 years later I am cancer-free no more reoccurrences I am still trying to regrow my hair but below I'm going to show you the stages of luv me....
September 01, 2023 — Ada krystal

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