As the subsolar point starts its journey northward, crossing the equator and heading towards the Tropic of Cancer (23°26′N), Northern Hemisphere temperatures are on the rise. The summer symphony of cicadas hasn't even begun, yet some places are already hitting a sizzling 89 degrees Fahrenheit.

U.S. scientists predict that 2024 has a one-in-three chance of cranking up the heat even higher than last year, with a whopping 99% chance of landing in the top five warmest years. Looks like we're in for a scorcher!

The summer is hot and the wig is stuffy. Wearing a wig in the summer makes you sweaty and hot, which is extremely uncomfortable. How can you stay cool while wearing a wig? This question has aroused heated discussion among our Luvme queens. After compiling the queens’ suggestions, we came up with some solutions.


How to Keep Your Cool When Wearing Wigs in the Sweltering Summer Heat?

1. Wear a short wig(6~10 inches)

Air movement increases the rate at which water evaporates. Evaporation of water removes heat. This is why we feel cool when the wind blows on us.

Wearing a short wig increases air flow around the neck, thereby lowering our body temperature. That's why short wigs are like air conditioning for your neck. Wearing a short wig will keep you cooler in the summer.

2. Opt for a wig with breathable cap

Breathable cap wig fit for hot summer

Compared with a completely wrapped ordinary wig cap, the breathable cap with a mesh structure increases the air contact area by 80%, which is more conducive to air circulation. When you wear the Breathable cap wig, you can obviously feel that the back of your head is comfortable and cool.

3. Choose a wig that's easy to wear and remove

In summer, it is easy to feel stuffy when wearing a wig all the time. Since some wigs need to be installed with glue and the installation process is complicated (some wigs require hundreds of dollars to pay the hairstylist for installation), most users will not take off the wig casually. This means that the wig wearer has to endure the heat and sweat.

If you have a wig that is easy to put on and take off, you can give your scalp a breather when it feels hot, such as in the private office or your car.


Luvme Queens‘s voice about this topic

Let's hear it from our fellow queens!

Comeisha replies: Wearing a breathable cap wig can scratch your itch

PS: Regarding the density issue. Well, Luvme has never cut corners on density, so this does have the potential to make you feel hotter.

Our queen here suggests opting for a Breathable Cap wig to keep that scalp chill. Hey,, are you listening? Let's get those breathable cap wigs in production, pronto!


Lesia's reply: Wearing a breathable cap wig will make you feel cooler in summer. it makes a huge difference

PS: Bingo! Maybe we should rename them "Summer Cool Cap Wigs."


Monical’s reply: Ponytail wigs can be worn when the weather is extremely hot

PS: Ponytails are a solid solution! I mean, does anyone need more types/colors of ponytail extensions? Send an email to or to tell us.


Genica replies: This is why I only wear Glueless wigs. They can be taken off every night

PS: This is a good habit! Good for your scalp health and the longevity of your wig.


Libra replied: Me too. I took my wig off in the car on the way home

PS: Trust me, there's nothing better than the freedom to whip off your wig. Hop in the car, back at home – set that hair free. Quick on, quick off – give wig users more emotional value.


PS: Believe it or not, Luvme also offers Half Wigs. We've been keeping it on the down-low, but hey, if there's demand, we can whip up more styles. Shoot an email to and let us know your thoughts (the person handling that inbox can directly reach out to our development team).




Keeping cool while rocking a wig in the summer doesn't have to be rocket science.

Option one:  Wear a >>short length wig<<

Option two: Opt for a >>breathable cap wig<<

Option three: Choose an >> easy-to-install wig<<

Best option? A short, breathable cap, easy-on-easy-off wig. Like, a short, bob-style wig equipped with a Breathable Cap and hassle-free wearability.

Bob wig fit for hot summer


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May 10, 2024 — Tia Isom
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Paulie said:

I would love to see short curly kinky wigs with less density. Doesn’t take away the quality – would actually look more natural for some. Hope it becomes a choice so we all can contribute to cooler wigs 😎!

Maria brown said:

I need air and brealth

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