The trouble we often face when using curly hair wigs is that the curls may weaken or completely lose the curls and become straight hair. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand how to redefine the curl of curly wigs.

Luvme Hair Human Hair Wig Box

As you may know, Luvme is an online brand that only provides high-quality human hair wigs. Therefore, your experience in styling your own hair can also be applied to our wigs.

Next, we will introduce a method that is easy to operate and will not damage your hair (no heat).

Step to define curls

Step 1:Wet the Wig and Apply Styling Products

Wet the wig with a leave-in conditioner or water, and use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to comb the wig to ensure there are no tangles. Then apply a curl-defining product, such as curl cream or gel.

Step 2: Scrunch the Curls

Gently scrunch the curls with your fingers or a stick less than 1 cm in diameter. Work through all wigs strand by strand. This step requires patience and time.

Step 3: Dry the Wig

Air dry or use a low-heat diffuser to speed up drying. Avoid high heat to protect curls.

Step 4: Style with a Light-Hold Product

Apply a light-hold styling product. When everything is done, give it a quick comb with a wide-tooth comb to add shape and texture.

Tools to define curls

The following are the tools you may use in this process (some tools are sold at Luvme)

- Water or leave-in conditioner

- Curl cream or gel

- Wide-tooth comb

- Wig stand (mannequin head) or hair dryer diffuser

- Light-hold styling product

Tools to define curls


Compared with using a curling iron (heat styling), the method we mentioned above to define curls will not cause any damage to the wig, and the cleaning and maintenance of the wig is also completed in the process. Although it will take more time, it is awesome and worth trying.

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Tired of wigs that need redefinition? Tired of using curling irons? Maybe you can try Wet and wavy wigs!

5x5 Closure Wet and wavy wig

Wet and wavy wigs are curly wigs made with special techniques. The characteristic of this wig is that after the hair is wet, the curl will return to its original shape. In other words, you can straighten it and use it as a straight wig. When you need it to turn into curls, you just need to spray some water on your hair and simply scratch it with your fingers.

In addition, this wig is also available in a Breathable Cap version. Breathable cap makes this wig cooler in summer and reduces the problems of stuffiness and sweating.

Classic coily curls style, full and sexy. Equipped with a Breathable Cap, you can still stay cool in the summer!

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Updated on May 16, 2024

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