In the vast universe of wigs, the closure wig stands out as a symbol of finesse and personal touch. Creating your own closure wig isn't just about fashion; it's a journey of self-expression. By handcrafting this specific wig type, you not only ensure a flawless fit but also infuse your personal style into every strand. This guide will walk you through the art and intricacies of making a closure wig that truly mirrors your essence.

Understanding the Basics of a Closure Wig

A closure wig is a specialized wig type that incorporates a small piece of lace, typically measuring 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6 inches. This lace section is meticulously hand-tied with individual strands of hair, allowing for a natural-looking part and hairline. Positioned at the crown or the front of the wig, the closure serves as a protective barrier, preventing any tension or damage to the natural hair underneath. Its primary advantage is the ability to offer a seamless blend with one's natural hair, ensuring that the transition between the wig and the natural hair is undetectable. This design not only provides a realistic appearance but also offers versatility in styling, as the part can be easily shifted.

Materials You'll Need

The image of three pieces lace closure

  • Lace Closure: This is the foundational piece. Choose from various sizes and styles, such as free-part, middle-part, or three-part closures.
  • Bundles of Hair: Depending on the desired volume and length, you'll need 2-4 bundles of hair.
  • Wig Cap: Opt for a breathable mesh cap for comfort.
  • Needle & Thread: For sewing the closure and bundles onto the cap.
  • Wig Stand or Mannequin Head: Essential for holding the wig in place during the creation process.
  • T-pins: To secure the hair and closure onto the wig cap.
  • Scissors, Combs, and Clips: For styling and sectioning the hair.

Benefits of a DIY Closure Wig

The image of Glueless High Density Breathable Lace Closure Wig

  • Personalized Fit: One of the most significant advantages of creating your own closure wig is the ability to tailor it to your unique head shape and size. This ensures a snug, comfortable fit, reducing the risk of slippage or movement throughout the day.
  • Cost-Effective: While investing in high-quality hair and materials might seem costly upfront, in the long run, crafting your own wig can be more economical than purchasing multiple pre-made wigs. Plus, the skills you acquire can be used repeatedly, offering more value for your money.
  • Customization: DIY allows you to handpick the hair type, texture, length, and color. Whether you desire a specific shade or a unique curl pattern, the creative freedom is in your hands. This level of customization is often hard to find in off-the-shelf products. 
  • Quality Control: When you're in charge of the wig-making process, you have complete control over the quality of materials and craftsmanship. You can ensure that every stitch and knot meets your standards, resulting in a durable and long-lasting wig.
  • Emotional Connection: There's a certain pride and connection that comes with wearing something you've crafted with your own hands. Every time you don the wig, it serves as a reminder of your creativity, effort, and skill.
  • Versatility in Styling: With a DIY approach, you can design your closure wig to be as versatile as you wish. You can add more tracks for volume, create varied parting spaces, or even incorporate unique color blends. The wig evolves with your style preferences.
  • Maintenance Knowledge: Having crafted the wig yourself, you'll have an intimate understanding of its construction. This knowledge can be invaluable when it comes to maintenance, as you'll know the best methods to clean, detangle, and store your creation, ensuring its longevity.

After understanding the numerous benefits of a DIY closure wig, you might be wondering about the installation process. Before we delve into the steps of crafting your own wig, let's take a moment to watch this comprehensive video tutorial on how to properly install a closure wig. This will give you a clearer picture of the end goal and how your handcrafted piece will come to life on your head.

Now that you've seen how a closure wig is expertly installed, let's dive into the heart of our guide:

  1. Preparing Your Materials

Before starting, ensure all your materials are clean and organized. Wash and condition the hair bundles and closure. Allow them to air dry.

  1. Securing the Wig Cap

Place the wig cap on the mannequin head. Use T-pins to secure it in place, ensuring it's taut.

  1. Sewing the Closure

Position the closure on the front part of the wig cap where you want it to sit. Secure it with T-pins. Begin sewing the closure onto the wig cap using neat, tight stitches. Ensure the stitches are close together for durability.

  1. Attaching the Hair Bundles

Start from the nape and work your way up. Measure and cut the wefts to fit the wig cap's width. Secure the weft with T-pins and sew it onto the cap. Continue this process, layer by layer, until you reach the closure.

  1. Customizing the Wig

Bleaching the Knots: This helps the closure blend seamlessly with your scalp. Mix bleach powder with developer to create a thick paste. Apply it to the lace, ensuring not to seep through the lace onto the hair. Rinse after 15-20 minutes.

Plucking the Hairline: For a more natural look, use tweezers to pluck away hairs along the closure's hairline.

  1. Styling and Maintenance

Once your wig is constructed, you can style it as desired. Remember to use heat protectants when using styling tools. Wash and condition your wig regularly to maintain its luster and longevity.

Luvme Hair's Expertise

At Luvme Hair, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality hair products. If you're looking to make a closure wig, our range of hair bundles and closures are crafted from genuine human hair, ensuring durability and a natural look. They're also designed for easy installation, making the wig-making process smoother for you.


Making a closure wig might seem daunting initially, but with patience and practice, it becomes an enjoyable and rewarding process. Not only do you get a wig tailored to your preferences, but you also gain a skill that can be a fun hobby or even a potential business venture. Dive into the world of wig-making with confidence, and remember, Luvme Hair is here to support you every step of the way.

September 13, 2023 — Luvme Contributor