Struggling to keep your wig in place? Most of the high-quality human hair wigs provided by Luvme Hair are standard size (medium 23.5 inches).

Standard-size wigs can be suitable for 90% of women. If you feel uncomfortable after wearing it and the wig is easy to slip off, it may be caused by the following reasons.

Main Causes of Wig Slippage

  • Incorrect Size

  • Improper Hair Preparation

  • Slippery Scalp

Incorrect Size

Incorrect Size is one of the reasons why wigs slip off

If the wig you buy is smaller than your head size, you may feel that the wig is very tight or even impossible to wear. If the wig you buy is larger than your head size, it is very easy for the wig to slip off.

Improper Hair Preparation

Improper Hair Preparation May Cause Wig to Slip

Although most of Luvme's wear on and go wigs can be worn directly, proper preliminary preparation is also necessary. This is related to whether you are comfortable wearing the wig. And it has a significant impact on whether the final wear looks natural.

Slippery Scalp

The friction between the wig cap and the scalp will affect whether the wig will slip off. To solve this problem, you can work towards "increasing friction"


3 ways to solve the problem of wig slipping 

Method 1: Choose a wig that fits your head size

Wear the Right Size: Measure your head and use size charts.
how to mesure your head size If you need to buy small cap wigs or large cap wigs, you can visit our page:
Adjust the straps and elastic band inside the wig

After choosing the correct size, if you still feel that the wig is not firm enough, you can adjust the adjustable straps and elastic band. This way, you can tighten the wig and make it fit better and more secure.


Method 2: Do preparatory work before wearing the wig

Prep Your Hair: Keep hair flat with cornrows or a low ponytail. Wear a matching wig cap.

braids your hair

Most of Luvme Hair's Ready-to-go-wigs can be worn immediately.

However, if you can do some preparation in advance, it can make you more comfortable when wearing the wig and also make the wig look more natural afterward.

Completing this step can reduce the unnatural bulging after wearing the wig. On the other hand, it can make the wig cap bear the force evenly so that the wig can wrap your head better.


Method 3: Increase the friction between the wig and the scalp

Secure Your Wig: Use wig grips, bands, or clips, especially with little to no hair.

Using wig grip band can increase the friction between the wig and the hairpiece.

Luvme Hair provides different types of wig grip bands for you to choose from. You can visit the >>Accessories Page<< to make your selection.



The most effective way to prevent the wig from slipping is to choose a wig that fits your head. If the wig is too big, you need to tighten the wig as much as possible with elastic bands or straps.

On the other hand, by braiding your hair and using wig grip bands, you can also increase the friction between your head and the wig, thereby preventing the wig from slipping.

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