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Many sisters have asked me:" I don't know my head size. How should I choose my wig cap size?"

Here is the detailed tutorial to help you! It shows how to properly and accurately take your head measurements for wigs.

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For our full lace wigs, normally the cap size is medium. The circumference is 22.5inch.

But it brings adjustable straps and wig combs inside. It can hold your head well.

So if your head size is just a little bit smaller than this, We suggest you can still take medium wig cap.


For our 360 lace wigs, normally we will make medium wig cap also.

And it brings adjustable straps, elastic band and wig combs inside.

It can hold the head well. But we also have "L", and "S" wig cap for 360 lace wigs.

If you specially need large or small wig cap size.

Then you can message our service for arrangement. Thanks!

March 24, 2018 — Bowen Lee


Zipporah Trimarco said:

I see most of your wigs are medium, which is okay but just wanted to ask do you custom in making them in a smaller sizes ? I need a size small.

Graylon Trammell said:


I wanted to place an order to take advantage of your sale but I need a small cap circumference size. Is that possible?

Sharon Doutherd said:

I noticed you’re stock wigs come in 22.5 inch size. Do you custom make smaller sizes ? I need a size 21.5.

Shelena Shaw said:

Is there a extra charge for custom wig size for those who have really small heads

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