Most people love lace front wigs because of their stylish nature. “How to put lace front wig on?” is a avoidless problem for wig lover.

If you are a beginner, you probably have spend hours on YouTube trying to learn the best way to put lace front wigs. Unfortunately, the available videos are only created for views and tend to leave out important details. This article will cover three detailed ways to apply lace front wigs, giving you preference.



  1. Tools: real lace front wig, wig cap, scissors, wig glue, tape, hair clip, low wattage hair dryer, alcohol, cotton swab, small brush.
  2. If you want to protect your natural hair, you need to wear a net cap.

The first step of “how to put lace front wig on” is prepare your natural hair. Tie up your original hair and make your hair as smooth and flat as possible to avoid bumps once your wig is on. Ensure that your hair, whether short or long, is pulled back from your hairline.

  • If you have short hair, cornrow or mold it against your head using styling gel(Got2b gel for example)or spray, then braid it toward the back using bobby pins.
  • For long hair, tie it into a long ponytail and then wrap the ponytail into a flat bun securing it with bobby pins. You can also divide it into multiple sections, braid each section twisting at the ends to take care of loose edges. Then pull the braids towards the back and secure them with bobby pins.
  • When your hair is well flattened, puta stocking cap on. A stocking cap is a soft cap that softens your hair and helps the wig to stay in place. Being careful not to disturb your flattened hair, pull on the cap gently. Adjust it to make sure it does not cover the hairline. Tuck yourinto the cap as possible as you can.


Now that your hair is properly prepped and your cap is on. The next step of ”How to put lace front wig on?” is “installation”, Let’s choose the installation method that fits you the best.


Wig grips are flexible headbands that stick into your hair and cover your head to hold the wig in place.

 4 different color wig grips(it can help you secure your wig)

To make it looks more natural, choose a grip that matches your skin color. For installation using grip follow the steps below:

  • Put your wig grip on and adjust the size of your grip.Secure it with Velcro strap if necessary.
  • Put your wig onand cover wig grip. Make sure you match the edge of the lace front wig with the hairline.put the wig grip on


  • Adjust the back of the wig to make sure it hangs over your hair.
  • Press the lace of your wig into the wig grip and make sure it holds it tight. Not too tight to make you uncomfortable. The wig should be perfectly aligned before pressing otherwise it will be misplaced.
  • Cut the excess lace of your wig and restyle it as you wish.



You can use a liquid lace adhesive to install your lace front wig if you are not comfortable using a wig grip. After putting on a wig cap follow the steps below:


  • Dip a cotton swab in alcohol, rub your hairline and clean it. The alcohol removes any makeup, gel, or cream. Wait a few minutes till dry.
  • Using a makeup brush, apply the adhesive along your entire hairline. Wait a few minutes for the glue to become tacky.
  • Put you lace front wig onadjust it until it fits your liking. The edge of the wig should align with the hairline and the back hangs naturally over your hair.
  • Once the wig is in place, press the lace into the adhesive. Be sure the wig is perfectly aligned before pressing.
  • Trim the excess lace in your hairline and around the ears. From here you can style the wig the way you like.



Some ladies don’t like the feeling of adhesives, so sewing is a better way to go. However, the sewing process takes more time and it’s hard to sew it on by youself. Therefore you might need a hairstylist to help you finish this work.

If you prefer do it by yourself, you’ll need a C-shaped needle and a cotton thread that match the color of your wig. Follow the steps below:

  • Mostly, cornrows run from the front to the back of the head. But for a more protective style, part your hair down the middle and braid from the center down to the sides of your head toward the ears.
  • Make a frontal (a hairpiece that runs from your hairline through the top of your head from ear to ear).
  • Place the wig in your head aligning it with your hairline. Adjust it to your liking.
  • Locate the braids closest to your ears' tops and divide the front hair into two sections, securing them with clips. Then, make a distinct part that runs from one ear to the other, passing over the top of your hair.
  • Begin sewing the frontal edge through the wig cap and your tracks with your threaded c-shape needle. Continue along the line you just made over your head until you reach your other ear. It will be secure with a few stitches per braid.
  • Next, create a portion that runs from your ear to your hairline by parting one of the front sections about 12 inches above your ear. Sew all the way down that section, stopping just before your hairline to hide the thread.
  • Sew the lace front into one of the braids. It wouldkeep the lace from slipping back and make your wig secure. Use a thread that matches the color of your hair.
  • Trim the excess lace in your hairline and around the ears. From here you can style the wig the way you like.


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    November 09, 2021 — Camila Witman

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