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How to put lace front wig on

Preparation before wearing

  1. Tools: real lace front wig, wig cap, scissors, wig glue, tape, hair clip, low wattage hair dryer, alcohol, cotton swab, small brush.
  2. Preparation steps: weave the hair into horizontal or vertical braids, flatten the hair and make the headgear look natural.
  3. If you want to protect your natural hair, you need to wear a net cap.

Installation without glue

  1. Use wig tape (Styles made of silicone or velvet can be selected).

  • Put the wig tape on the hairline and use Hook & Loop to fix it on your head.
  • Wear the wig and make sure that the edge of the lace is aligned with the edge of the tape. Clip the hair back, and then cut off the excess lace in front of the wig.
  1. Sewing installation method

  • Put on a wig and cut off the excess lace, set a starting point at the braid near the top of the ear, and sew from the edge of the wig cap with a C-shaped needle until it reaches the top of the other ear. Then sew along the ear to the hairline.

Installation with glue.

  • Apply alcohol along the hairline to remove grease and cosmetics. If your skin is sensitive, please use hypoallergenic glue. Put on a wig and cut off the excess lace in front of the ears and hairline.
  • Apply glue to the hairline along the edge of the stocking cap and blow dry the glue. Carefully wipe off the excess glue on the forehead. Press the hairline part of the wig on the glued area until your wig is fixed on your head.


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