Have you ever wondered if short or long hair suits you best? We've all seen stunning hairstyles on Instagram or TikTok, but when we considered switching our hair up, we were clueless about which hair length suits us best and how to describe it to our stylist.

Try this easy test to tell your ideal hair length in 30 seconds!

The 2.25-inch(5.5cm) Golden Rule

Developed by Giles Robinson, the International Training Director of Color Wow and a Senior Stylist at John Frieda Salons UK, offers a simple and effective method for discovering the ideal hair length that enhances your face shape at home rather than relying on a professional stylist.
All you need is a ruler and pencil to start this quick test.
Step 1: Position the ruler vertically below your earlobe.
Step 2: Place the pen on your chin.
Step 3: Record the distance between your earlobe and the chin.


Test Result Here!
>2.25 inches(5.7cm), definitely a long hairstyle.
≤ 2.25 inches(5.7cm), short hair is the way to go.
Even more advanced, short and long hair also comes in different lengths and styles. Keep scrolling for a more detailed chart breakdown for every single hair length.

Hair Length Chart: Short Hair

Ear Length (Pixie)

A pixie or ear-length cut is excellent if you have a spectacular bone structure. Girls with curls will find it elevates their ringlets without effort—just what we like! The pixie cut is hard to beat in terms of classic cuts that don't go out of style.


Chin Length (Bob)

Forever the chicest of short cuts, chin-length hair (aka the classic bob) should fall just at your jawline. The ends of bob hair are trimmed very neatly, which can bring out your chilly vibe at any angle you move. It is ideal for all seasons, especially spring and summer.


Neck Length

Within this length range, various common textures have their own exclusive styles. Straight and wavy hair can be very sassy, while curly and afro hair are much cuter.


Shoulder Length

Shoulder-length cuts universally toe the line between bob and long hair, enabling you to cherry-pick the best elements of both.


Hair Length Chart: Long Hair

Mid-Back Length

If you want to try long hair, the mid-back length is a must-have for your daily routine. It can make you look effortlessly beautiful both at work or on vacation.

Waist Length

Swishing around your hair and pretending you're an Instagram model as you take selfies? This coveted length is an absolute stunner for thick, coarse hair textures.


Tailbone Length

You probably won't have ankle-length hair, but long hair that reaches your tailbone is doable. Whether on social media or in life, your long tailbone hair will definitely become the center of attention, and you're just dying to show it off.


Feel free to experiment with the test! And remember, the best way to find the perfect style for you is to try more versatile lengths.
June 04, 2024 — ContributorLuvme

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