GloRilla, an emerging sensation in the music industry, has captivated audiences not only with her powerful vocals but also with her ever-changing hairstyles. Fans and fashion enthusiasts often wonder whether GloRilla's hair is natural or if she frequently dons wigs. In this article, we'll explore GloRilla's hair journey, natural hair reveal, love for wigs, and how you can achieve eye-catching looks like hers with Luvme Hair products.

What Does GloRilla's Natural Hair Look Like?

In September 2023, GloRilla surprised her fans by revealing her natural hair on TikTok. The video, which went viral, showcased her beautiful, voluminous natural hair and garnered immense praise from her followers. Fans loved her natural look, and many commented on how stunning she looked without any wigs. A detailed report on GloRilla Shows Off Her Natural Hair And Reveals She’s Ready For A Perm. Or watch YouTube video below:

Is GloRilla Fond of Wearing Wigs?

Despite the praise for her natural hair, GloRilla is known for her love of wigs. Wigs allow her to switch up her style frequently and experiment with different colors, lengths, and textures without damaging her natural hair. A notable instance of her wig-wearing was captured in a viral video where a fan was seen wearing one of GloRilla's wigs during a performance. This playful interaction further highlighted her fondness for wigs. You can know more with GloRilla Responds To Viral Video Of Fan Wearing Her Wig From Concert.

GloRilla's Hairstyles

Loose body wave black at CMT Awards 2024

GloRilla made a striking appearance at the CMT Awards 2024 with her loose body wave black hairstyle. This look perfectly complemented her glamorous outfit and showcased her ability to blend sophistication with a touch of edginess.

Short Bob at American Music Awards 2023

At the American Music Awards 2023, GloRilla stunned the audience with her sleek short bob hairstyle. This chic and modern look emphasized her facial features and added a touch of classic elegance to her ensemble.

Radiating Red

Sleek Silver

Poppin’ Pink

Blazin’ Blue

Eye-Catching Orange

Pure Black

Brown Hair

Blonde Long Straight Hair

How to Achieve Eye-Catching Looks Like GloRilla with Luvme Hair

If GloRilla's stunning hairstyles inspire you and want to recreate her eye-catching looks, Luvme Hair has got you covered. Our range of high-quality wigs offers endless possibilities for style transformations, allowing you to express your unique personality and flair. Here’s how you can achieve some of GloRilla’s most iconic hairstyles with Luvme Hair products collection:

1. Color Styles

For vibrant and bold color options like GloRilla's Radiating Red, Sleek Silver, Poppin’ Pink, and Blazin’ Blue, explore our Blonde 613 Collection. This collection offers a variety of striking colors that will help you stand out and make a statement.
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Blonde 613

2. Different texture Styles

For classic straight and curly styles like GloRilla's Pure Black Straight, Brown Hair, and Blonde Long Straight Hair, check out our 13x5 lace front wigs Collection. These wigs provide a natural and elegant look that can suit any occasion.
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13x5 Lace Front Wigs

3. Free Parting Styles

If you love versatile styling options, our Partingmax Glueless Wigs Collection is perfect. These wigs allow you to part your hair differently, effortlessly changing your look.
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4. Bob Styles

For chic and timeless short bob styles like GloRilla’s Short Bob, explore our Bob Wig Collection. These wigs are perfect for a sophisticated and modern look that’s easy to maintain

Bob Wigs


GloRilla's versatile hairstyles, from her natural hair reveal to her love for wigs, have inspired many. Whether it's vibrant colors, classic styles, or chic bob cuts, Luvme Hair offers high-quality wigs to help you achieve her eye-catching looks.

Transform your style with confidence and explore Luvme Hair’s collections today to find the perfect wig for any occasion. Embrace your inner GloRilla and make every day a statement.

June 20, 2024 — IsomTia

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