In recent days, we have received many customer reminders that a scammer gang is rampantly stealing Luvme's Page and Website for fraud! After analysis, they have invested a huge amount of advertising fees, which is infuriating and unacceptable! They stole our page and page content, copied an highly similar fake page and website. They used people's trust in Luvme Hair to cheat their money. They sell fake wigs at very low prices about $25 (synthetic hair, not even shipped). The fake websites include / Luvme Wig or Palette Life or (they also have many other site links).

Please make clear that our official website is, and our official Page name is Luvme Hair. The rest are fake, don't be fooled!!! If you see the fake pages and advertisements, please report them immediately and inform us that we will take legal measures! How to Identify the Fake Page/Websites? Check the following pictures! Share this blog with more people to prevent them from being cheated!


Official Statement:

Luvme Hair Official Website: or 
Luvme Hair Official Facebook Page: Luvme Hair


How To Report The Fake Page>> 3 Steps!

Fake Facebook Page: 

Fake Website: 



Reminder: if you have recently placed an order, but you are not sure whether it is a fake website or our official website, please email us: , attach a screenshot of the order detail. Thanks! 





September 02, 2019 — Bowen Lee


Brenae said:

You were right!!! I wish I would have seen this before hand!! I just got scammed out of almost $200 thinking I’m ordering from you all!!! I’m soooo upset!!! :(…it was supposed to be my Birthday hair.

Rhonda Ramsey said:

I also order from these fake scammers how do I report them and get my money back?

Trisha said:

They need to be SUED❗ 🤬

Carrie said:

I ordered a kinky straight on the 4th thinking you had a new hair line for 26.99. Thanks for the warning

Adrienne Winn said:

I just purchased my first unit from your official website, I got a lot of these fake advertising to be your site on my Facebook page, I am alerting them and I have turned off notifications from these sites. Can’t wait to receive my first purchase from you came highly recommended, to my hair salon, so I want to try it before I recommend you to my customers 🌹🌹

Takiesha chambers said:

I haved recently placed an order with them what do I do

Gloria Thurmon said:

Yes I ordered a wig I knew it could not be in your product because the lakefront did not have the net in front of it it was just a wig and I tried to Curlett he did not do anything he just may be straighter

Lindeni said:

Thank you so much for an alert with these Scam pages.

Meskerem said:

Which one is your page?

Kehinde Adegunwa said:

I placed an order yesterday and I am not sure if it’s fake or not

Yvonne Pinckney said:

Wow Unbelievable I Just Ordered Off This Place I’ve Shouldered New Better When It Was $30.00 Know I Read This

Juanita Edwards said:

That is a shame I hope you catch them !going using black people to sell products that not even theirs shameful they probably not shame.

Juanita Edwards said:

That is a shame I hope you catch them !going using black people to sell products that not even theirs shameful they probably not shame.

Priscilla said:

I believe I have been scammed by the fake company that you are featuring. I am willing to send any information that you will request. I have not worn the wig that I ordered and I keep all of the paperwork that came with it. The Commercial Invoice list the name of this company as:
GUANGZHOU SAILU INFO-TECH CO.LTD. I paid $95 for the wig.

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