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This is my first wig review on this blog and I’m super excited to tell y’all about it. How excited am I? Well, I am currently wearing this wig as I type this article, and I literally tried it for the first time two hours ago. I am NOT a wig pro, I don’t wear wigs often, and every wig that I currently use are cap wigs, because they are super convenient. So, when Luvme Hair reached out to me for a blog review on one of their hair headband wigs, it was a NO BRAINER!! The headband wig (like my other wigs) is very convenient, all you really have to do is plop it on your head, style as desired and GO!!

I don’t know about you, but I am most definitely a LAZY NATURAL! I work from home, so I can spend weeks with the same hairstyle. Most days I don’t notice how bad and unkept my hair really is until I need to go outside to get groceries and socialize with other humans. My GO-TO when I absolutely don’t want to do my own hair are my wig caps/beanies. You know…the caps and beanies with the hair tracks attached on the inside…yes…THOSE! Now, although I love my wig caps, there is always this internal fear of someone playing stupid and trying to take my cap off, or it being windy enough for it to slide off. But now I have this headband wig, I’ll be wearing the heck out of it and know that it’s secure.

Here are my initial and overall impressions of this wig:

  • It’s convenient
  • Prep time is short compared to other wigs because it doesn’t require lace removal, or gluing
  • It can be manipulated into many styles
  • It can be combed, brushed, and moisturized like actual hair
  • There is minimal shedding
  • It’s versatile and can be worn ANYWHERE compared to my cap/beanie wigs. Think about it like this: Wearing a cap or beanie wig to church and work would probably be a BAD idea, while wearing this headband wig would be PERFECTLY acceptable. 
I’ve already given you my impressions of this headband wig, so here are the three topics we will cover in the rest of this Luvme Hair headband Wig Review:
  1. Packaging
  2. Contents
  3. Jerry Curl Headband wig details + PROS & CONS
  4. Tips for Beginners
However, if you’d prefer a video tutorial/review, then check out the video below.

1. Let's Talk About The Packaging!

Luvmehair package-deep wave wig-human hair wig

The wig came in this cute, sturdy, violet gift box and when this package arrived at my door, it literally felt like Christmas all over again!


2. Let's Talk About What's Inside

Jerry culrs headband wig-affordable headband wig-human hair wig

Jerry Curl Affordable Headband Wig

The wig comes in a cute purple drawstring pouch.

 5 Luvmehair free headbands

5 Cute Headbands & An Extra Pair of Velcro

I have included some tips on how best to utilize the above items for beginners like myself. Check it out!


Luvmehair free gifts

Accessories bag with:

  • Satin Scrunchie
  • Silver Ear Loops
  • Gold Mickey Mouse  Pop Socket
  • 2 Pairs of Eyelashes
  • Sticker Gel Nail Set



    Luvmehair free comb-widetooth comb

    Three sided styling comb

    This comb can be used to comb through the curls and fluff the roots to add body to the wig.


    3. Let's Talk About The Jerry Curl Headband Wig:

    curlsondemand wearing Luvme Jerry curls headband wig

    Cap Construction:

    • This wig has 4 combs; one comb to the front, another to the back, and the other two reside on each side of the cap
    • The black band on the wig is adjustable utilizing the velcro ends

    Color: Only One Color Choice

    Length: 20″

    Price: $199.90

    Link To Wig: Jerry Curl Affordable Headband Wig (Get Free Trendy Headband)


    The curls on this wig are super soft. I treated this wig like it was my real hair; After securing it to my head I applied water and a curl moisturizer to it, then proceeded to comb through the curls to achieve a more natural look. The curls were easy to comb through with minimal shedding.


    • Easy to comb (no tangles)
    • Convenient
    • Great for Beginners and Lazy Naturals



    • May not be big head friendly


    Note: I have a relatively normal sized head and this wig fit very snug. Therefore, this wig may not work great for women with bigger sized heads. This wig can be adjusted using the velcro straps, but the is not a lot of room for adjusting. So, if you have a bigger sized head you should be cognizant of this.

    Tip #1:

    The velcro on the wigs’ headband is very abrasive and can tug/rip your natural hair.  To avoid the ripping of your hair when securing the wig, attach the extra velcro provided to the end of the velcro on the headband.

    Tip #2:

    The band on the wig may be wider than the headband you want to place over it. To hide the band on wig underneath your desired headband, fold the wigs’ band in half.

    I hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions about this wig, let me know. I am always willing to chat! Also, you can check out the video tutorial/review of this wig below. Thanks for reading and/or watching. I’ll see you in the next blog post.



    June 23, 2022 — Camila Witman

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