Finding the perfect wig is a thrilling experience. The right wig can boost your confidence, transform your look, and even offer a solution to medical hair loss. However, sometimes, even when you've found the perfect style and color, the fit isn't quite right. Whether the wig cap feels too tight or too loose, an ill-fitting wig can be uncomfortable and look unnatural. Fortunately, adjusting the size of your wig cap is possible, and with a few simple steps, you can achieve that perfect fit. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the process of modifying your wig cap size, ensuring that your beautiful Luvme Hair wig sits comfortably and securely.

Understanding Wig Cap Sizes

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Before diving into the adjustment process, it's essential to understand the different wig cap sizes available:

  • Petite: This size is designed for individuals with a smaller head circumference. Petite wigs typically fit those with a measurement of 21 inches or less. They are snug and offer a secure fit for those who often find average-sized wigs a bit roomy.
  • Average: The most common wig size, average-sized wigs cater to a head circumference of 21.5 to 22.5 inches. Luvme Hair primarily offers wigs in 22.5 inches, ensuring that a majority of customers find a wig that fits them right out of the box.
  • Large: For those with a head circumference greater than 22.5 inches, large wigs are the go-to choice. These wigs provide ample room and are designed to fit comfortably without feeling tight or restrictive.

Tools You'll Need

  • Seam ripper
  • Needle and thread (preferably a color that matches the wig cap)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Hairpins or clips
  • Elastic band (optional)

Adjusting a Wig Cap that's Too Large 

Step 1: Turn the wig inside out and place it on a wig stand or a foam head. This provides a stable base for your adjustments.

Step 2: Using hairpins, pin the excess material at the nape area, creating a tuck or fold. This will help you visualize the amount of material you need to remove to achieve the desired fit.

Step 3: With a needle and thread, sew along the fold to secure it in place. Ensure your stitches are tight and even to prevent them from coming undone with wear.

Step 4: Trim any excess material, being careful not to cut too close to your stitches. This will give the wig cap a neat finish.

Adjusting a Wig Cap that's Too Small

Step 1: Turn the wig inside out and place it on a wig stand or foam head. This will give you a clear view of the areas you need to adjust.

Step 2: Using a seam ripper, carefully undo the stitches on the elastic bands located at the back of the wig cap. This will release some tension and provide more room for adjustment.

Step 3: Replace the elastic bands with longer ones or stretch the existing bands to create more room. This will ensure the wig fits comfortably without being too tight.

Step 4: Sew the elastic bands back in place, ensuring they're secure. Make sure the stitches are tight to prevent the bands from coming loose.

Here are some effective methods to make it fit snugly without the need for cutting:

  • If your wig feels too big:

Braid Your Hair: Start by braiding your hair in large braids. This reduces the volume of your natural hair and allows the wig to sit more securely.

Adjust the Elastic Band: Fold the elastic band inside the wig and sew it slightly. This will tighten the band, ensuring a more secure fit.

Wig Grip: Consider wearing a wig grip beneath your wig. This band ensures that your wig stays in place without sliding or moving throughout the day.

Sewing the Cap: You can fold and sew the cap in the back to make it smaller, ensuring a tighter fit without compromising the wig's structure.

  • If your wig feels too small:

Tighter Braids: We suggest you braid your hair a little bit tighter. This reduces the volume of your natural hair, creating more room for the wig.

Thin Wig Cap: Wear a thin wig cap before putting on the wig. This provides a smooth surface for the wig to sit on.

Leave Some Natural Hair Out: You can leave some natural hair out at the front and use edge cream to smooth the edges. This not only creates a more natural look but also leaves some space, so the wig cap doesn't need to cover the entire head.

Why Choose Luvme Hair for Your Wig Needs

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Luvme Hair isn't just another wig brand; it's a testament to excellence and understanding the unique needs of every individual. While our collection predominantly features average-sized wigs, we recognize the importance of offering variety. That's why we've introduced a series of wigs with selectable cap sizes to cater to everyone. Each Luvme wig is meticulously designed with adjustable elastic bands, tuning straps, and clips, ensuring a secure and tailored fit for all. From the sultry body wave to the playful jerry curly, our diverse styles, complemented by an array of colors, guarantee that you'll find the perfect wig to match your personality and preferences. With Luvme Hair, you're not just buying a wig; you're investing in quality, versatility, and a brand that truly understands you.


A wig that fits well not only enhances your overall look but also boosts your confidence. By following the above steps, you can easily adjust your Luvme Hair wig cap size at home, ensuring a comfortable and natural fit. Remember, the key to a great wig experience is not just the style or color but also the fit. So, take the time to adjust your wig cap, and flaunt your Luvme Hair wig with pride and confidence!

October 13, 2023 — Luvme Contributor