Have you been hearing about ginger pixie cut wigs and don't know much about them? You thought that several wigs come out once in a while, and that's why you did not stay updated. Don't worry. We are discussing ginger pixie cut wig from every aspect.

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  1. What is the ginger pixie cut wig?
  2. Can black girls rock ginger hair?
  3. Steps to dye black hair ginger
  4. How to style your ginger pixie cut wig?
  5. How to care for a ginger pixie cut wig?

So, let's start. 

1.What Is the Ginger Pixie Cut Wig?

A pixie cut is a short hairstyle that reaches the nape of the neck, has hair shorter at the sides and back of the head, and longer on the top with short bangs.

This hairstyle also comes in wigs, usually in T-part and lace front wigs.  

Ginger color is gorgeous and defined as bright-orange brown color, a color between strawberry blonde and classic red, and a very light red color, apparently blond that has red undertones.

Now you know why all short and bright-orange-colored wigs appeared when you searched for "ginger pixie cut wigs".

2. Can Black Girls Rock Ginger Hair?

Black girls think that wearing or having a bold hair color does not suit their complexion and makes them look weird. So, with this fear, they stick to black hair color and do not try any other color. 

In fact, bold colors like ginger complement the black complexion and make a girl's beauty stand out. There are many videos online where black women who have never tried ginger color when they try blown out by their own beauty. In other words, yes, black girls can rock ginger hair.

3. Steps to Dye Black Hair Ginger: 

Black lace front pixie cut wig can be dyed ginger via two methods: without bleach and with bleach. Let's see them one by one.  

3.1 Dye Black Hair Ginger Without Bleach:

Collect the Products: 

To turn your black lace wig or t-part wig ginger, you need any brand for ginger color, but L'OREAL HiColor HiLights is famous for this. Also, bring the 40-volume developer.  

Create Mixture: 

This method is pretty straightforward. Just mix the L'OREAL HiColor and 40-volume together in a bowl with a brush. Make sure the consistency is not very runny or hard. 

If the mixture finishes, use another L'OREAL HiColor tube. Maximum 3 tubes will be used on a 24-inch wig. 

Apply It on Hair:

Now, put the wig on a mannequin head. Use clips to section out hair all above the head. Each time take a smaller section and completely saturate it with the mixture. 

Make sure to wear gloves and set any plastic sheets on the floor. So, the color doesn't stain and can be easily wiped off. 

When applying hair color near to the lace, please be extremely careful because if color stains the lace, it can't be turned transparent. However, at the same time, make sure each hair is coated with color.

Put Wig in A Plastic Pack:

After applying the mixture in a wig completely, put the wig in a plastic bag in a specific manner, not just in a throwing manner, for at least 30 minutes. 

Rinse Then Wash the Wig:

Now, take out the wig and rinse all hair colors applied to it. Then wash and condition it like you wash any other of your wig. But remember it won't need much shampoo.

3.2 Dye Black Hair Ginger with Bleach:

Turning black hair ginger with a bleaching method is also called the watercolor method. 

Create Mixture: 

You need bleach, i.e., L'OREAL Quick Blue or any other, and any 30-volume developer like Salon Care.   

Apply Mixture: 

To fade and vanish out the black color of the wig, apply the mixture completely on the wig by taking smaller sections. No need to use clips and start from the hair that will be on the nape of the neck. You can also apply this bleach mixture to the wig roots because, this way, you will not need to bleach the knots later.

Wrap It and Then Rinse It:

Wrap the wig in aluminum foils for 2 hours. After rinsing it, the wig may look a little brassy but good for coloring. 

Prepare Watercolor:

Pour at least 2 bottles of Ador 56 and 58 in boiling water. Spray got2b glue all over the lace or apply vaseline on it to avoid hair color staining the lace. 

Submerge the wig in the prepared watercolor for a few minutes.

Air-dry The Wig: 

Take the wig out and air dry. No need to shampoo it.

4. How to Style Your Ginger Pixie Cut Wig?

Styling a ginger pixie cut wig is straightforward if you know the right tips. Melt the lace using your fav glue and blow dryer. After gluing the wig, if it is curly, apply water all over the ginger pixie cut wig to mist it. Then apply mousse to give its hair a definition. If the wig is straight, apply a heat protectant and sleek out the wig with a hot comb and then style it any way you want. 

If you are doing wig styling at your home, you will find applying a wig on your head is easier than putting a wig on a mannequin head and then style because styling after wearing a wig tells you in the meantime how it will look on you.

5. How to Care for Ginger Pixie Cut Wig?

Wash the ginger pixie cut lace front wig with a mild but good quality shampoo. Air-dry the wig. Limit the use of heated styling tools. Keep the ginger wig away from harsh weather conditions. Wear a scarf or hat on your head when you are outside for longer in very hot or very cold weather. To keep the wig's ginger color vibrant, store it in a cool and dark place where sunlight does not hit directly.

Like many other gorgeous ladies, maybe you also don't have time to color your black lace front wig ginger, or you fear that you can ruin the wig you have. So, we offer high-quality ginger pixie cut wigs; check out our products.

November 10, 2021 — Camila Witman

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