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What is a half wig

What is semi-wig(half wig)?

Semi-wigs are wigs that cover only part of the head. The term "semi-wig" is a general expression that covers all kinds of partial wigs.

  • Both half wigs and three-quarter wigs are wigs with wig caps, which can cover the back of the head and hair, so that the natural hair in front of you is visible. They sometimes have a headband on the front to cover up the transition between wig and natural hair.
  • A top hat, worn on the top of the head, mainly covers hair loss at the side parting.
  • Wig piece, specially designed to cover up hair loss on the top of the head.
  • The hair extension is attached between the hair layers.
  • Auxiliary hair, such as ponytail and clip-on bangs.
  • A hat with hair, which is characterized by the hair attached to the open top. They must be worn under a hat, scarf or other hood.

Why people like semi-wig(half wig)?

Most people choose to wear this wig for several reasons:

  • Increase the length and volume of the hair.
  • In order to make more complicated hairstyles.
  • Cover up hair loss. Many people buy top hats and wigs to hide part of the hair loss on the top of their heads. A hat with hair and a hat can actually cover up all hair loss.


Whether you want to increase length and volume of the hair, creating a complex bun, or hiding hair loss, semi-wigs are a good choice. Luvmehair specializes in semi-wigs and wigs made of real human hair with the best quality. With high quality and inexpensive price, our products are the best choice for every woman.

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