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What is full lace wig

Full lace wig

Unlike the front lace wig, the base of the full lace wig is entirely made of lace. This means that full lace wigs are more versatile than front lace wigs because they can be matched with different hairstyles, which makes full lace wigs more expensive than lace front wigs.360-lace-wig


Lace front wig

This wig has a transparent lace hair block on the front edge of the device. Its installation needs to cut off the excess lace. Lace front wigs can also provide natural hairline and free splits. Many celebrities often wear lace front wigs, whose specifications are mostly 13*4 and 13*6 of the area of forehead lace.13*4-frontal-lace-wig


Lace closure wig

Lace closure wig is the same as lace frontal wig basically. The only difference is the lace area is smaller than lace frontal wig. In general, when we talk about lace closure wig, we refer to the wig which have 4*4, 5*5 or 6*6 lace wig.5*5-closure-lace-wig


360 lace wig

360 lace wig has all the functions of the front lace wig, and the lace surrounds the entire periphery of the wig. It supports a high ponytail and can also be made in different fractional styles. The middle part is sewn on the breathable cap by the machine.360-lace-wig


The full lace wig will be the most expensive of the three because it is completely handmade. Luvmehair's full lace wigs have the most guaranteed quality of real high-end Swiss full lace wigs and ordinary lace of full lace wigs. Swiss lace can blend with skin of various tones. Normal lace is relatively cheaper, but you need to choose one that matches your skin tone. All-lace wigs are also Luvemhair's most famous products, so please rest assured to buy.

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