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How long does a wig last?

Chemical fiber wig

Chemical fiber wigs are a good budget-friendly option that can really save styling time, but their lifespan is about 4 to 6 months, which is shorter than real human hair wigs. Because chemical fiber hair cannot be dyed and re-styled, and it is easy to knot, so it has a short service life.

100% of real human hair wig

100% of real human hair lace wigs are often expensive. Under normal circumstances, 100% of real human hair wigs can be used for six months to one year, but if well maintained, they can be used for about two years. Real human hair wigs are also distinguished by quality. Smooth hair wigs with complete cuticles and the same direction of cuticles or hair donated by one person have a lifespan of almost 2-3 years, while those without cuticles processed by chemical have a lifespan between six months and one year.



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