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Who invented wig?

Wigs are hair accessories made from human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fibers. The word wig is an abbreviation of periwig, which first appeared in William Shakespeare's "Two Gentlemen of Verona". Some people wear wigs to cover up baldness; wigs can be used as a less invasive and cheaper alternative therapy to restore hair or for religious reasons.

In Egyptian society, men and women usually shave clean or short hair, and often wear wigs. They also wear wigs on their hair with beeswax and resin to fix the wigs. In China, the popularization of wigs began in the Spring and Autumn Period. In Japan, the upper class began to wear wigs before the Nara period. In South Korea, gache was popular with women during the Goryeo Dynasty and was not banned until the late 18th century.

In 1915, hair stylist Carita began to make wigs for Givenchy models' fashion show, because it was easier to change hair styles than to cut hair every day, so wigs began to appear again.

Nowadays, wigs have been a lifestyle. People wear different wigs in different places to show their beauty. Headband wig for exercise time. Pixie cut bob wig design for professional ladies. Body wave frontal wig makes you gorgeous and elegant at a banquet.

Some people says”wisdom is power”. For me, wig is power. I get power from my wig, and I see my true beauty via my wig. And I believe there are a lot of ladies who have the same feeling,”we enjoy our life more than before.”

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--A message from "what do you think Luvmehair need to improve?"

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