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How long do human hair wigs last

Under normal circumstances, 100% of real human hair wigs can be used for six months to one year, but if well-maintained, they can be used for about two years.

Smooth hair wigs with complete cuticles and the same direction of cuticles or hair donated by one person have a lifespan of almost 2-3 years, while those without cuticles treated by chemicals have a lifespan between six months and one year.

How to judge the lifespan of a real human wig? Or you might ask, as a normal customer, how to pick up a long lifespan human hair wig?

Here is the tips:

  1. Straight hair has a longer lifespan than curly hair normally.
  2. The natural black color hair would be more durable than other colors.
  3. The price stands for the quality in normal. Beware of the wig which sells at an abnormal low price.
  4. Choose a reliable wig brand. Search this wig brand message on social media platforms. For example, you could search Luvmehair on facebook, and join the groups to view the real review of Luvmehair. 
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