Marcus, Chief Creative Officer of Luvme Hair, believes that a woman’s beauty lies not only in the glam and chicness on the outside but also in the resilience, toughness, and the general power and strength within.

Glam and power- the theme of the newly launched Limited Design wigs! In this series, you may explore the collision of glamourous wigs and female independence, as well as the blend of beauty and power that just keep us going.


Brenda Chil Asymmetrical Bob Pixie Cut 13X4 Frontal Lace Wig


Breaking away from orthodox! The elegant bangs and the clean asymmetric chop on this wig reveal the possibility of the unification of glam and power. Shine with resolution and confidence!


Ashlee Style Brown Rose Curly Wig With Bangs


Marcus specifically designed this wig with rose-like curls as a tribute to his first love. “Glamourous look, rose-inspired curls, strong heart,” he utters, passionately.


Oprah W Glorious Fluffy Mix Color Side Part 4X4 Closure Lace Wig


The layers of this wig are so full and complete for its fluffy style, carefully designed highlights, and the determined gaze that is her brave and unrestrained spirit.


"Witness your irreplaceable glam and infinite power," Marcus adds, "...every limited design wig offers the originality that goes best with them!"


*Stay tuned for more blogs and update on hairstyles, usage, styling tips, etc.

August 25, 2022 — aliette cooper
Tags: Inside Story

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