As summer draws to a close, we move into the next - temperatures start to change, tree leaves begin to drop, and the transition of seasons marks for some spectacular creativity.

Early fall, the line between the scorching zest of summer and the rigorous maturity of fall, is giving spurs of what true glam and perfection is to Marcus, Chief Creative Officer of Luvme Hair.


Bertha Highlight Loose Water Wave 13X4 Frontal Lace Wig Bleached & Pre-Plucked | Limited Design



Enraptured by the fall foliage and the sought-after yellow and brown colors, Marcus infused his artistic touch into this gorgeous highlight wig. The curves and colors perfectly resemble the extravagance of the early fall’s sights.


Patricia Burgundy Reddish Long Silky Straight 5X5 Invisible Closure Lace Wig | Limited Design



Fall is nature’s equivalent of glam! Marcus took inspiration from the red colors of falling leaves and fine wines and designed this silky wig to deliver a sassy and passionate notion of elegance.


The cool nights and warm days aren’t the only types of things that really kick-start this wonderful season. There is also the convergence of fashion and chicness. “…and that’s what Luvme’s limited designs are all about”, says Marcus.


*Stay tuned for more blogs and update on hairstyles, usage, styling tips, etc.

September 23, 2022 — WitmanCamila
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