Are you hesitant to purchase wigs online due to concerns about their authenticity, and fear that your hard-earned money will be wasted on subpar quality wigs? Have you grown tired of these unpleasant experiences? Unfortunately, the wig market is being disrupted by an increasing number of low-quality wigs and false advertisements. Your honest feedback as a buyer is the most effective solution to address these issues. As a result, Luvme Hair has launched a project that encourages you to leave an honest review of our products after you receive them. Not only will this help other women understand the actual quality of Luvme Hair, but it will also aid us in improving our products and services.

Method 1: Make a review video on your YouTube

What you need to do: Make an unboxing or review video and upload it on YouTube with the hashtag #luvmehairreview ;

What you can get: After uploading, you can get $10 gift card; Once the video reaches 100 views, you can get $50 cash; once it reaches 1000 views, you can get another $50. (Multiple videos of one order can be rewarded up to $100; videos should be clear, at least 60 seconds long, and in landscape orientation);

Method 2: Comment on our Facebook Page post

What you need to do: Post your unboxing or fitting photos/short videos along with your thoughts under one of Luvme Hair Facebook page posts;

What you can get: After posting, you can get $10 gift card; Once your comment gets 30 likes, you can get $50 cash; once it gets 100 likes, you can get another $50. (Your comment should be posted on one of Luvme Hair Facebook page posts; comments posted elsewhere won't count).


1. The clearer your picture or video, the better it will be. Please note that fake views or likes will not be considered valid.

If your order has used a gift card obtained through this project or other social media, activities (including but not limited to FB, INS, FB Group, WhatsApp), then the content created from this order will not be eligible to participate in the $100 Bonus project. Luvme reserves the final right of interpretation.


Reference 1: Do A Hair Review Video on Youtube>>

 Reference 2: Comment on our page's post with photo >>