Are you hesitant to purchase wigs online due to concerns about their authenticity, and fear that your hard-earned money will be wasted on subpar quality wigs? Unfortunately, the wig market is being disrupted by an increasing number of low-quality wigs and false advertisements. Your review is the most effective solution to address these issues. Now, Luvme Hair has launched a project that encourages you to leave an honest review on Tiktok. Not only will this help other sisters understand the actual quality of Luvme Hair, but it will also aid us in improving our products and services.


Just follow 2 simple steps and you will have a chance to win a $100 reward:

Step 1: Make a review video on your TikTok

Make an unboxing or review video about Luvme Hair, and upload it on Tiktok. Tag @luvmehair , and add 2 hashtags #luvmehairreview #luvmehair .

Step 2: Once it meets conditions, contact us for $$!

Once your Tiktok video gets 50 likes, you can get $50 gift card; once it gets 200 likes, you can get another $50. Once the number of likes meets the conditions, please contact us via Tiktok Message (our official Tiktok account @luvmehair ).

Event deadline: April 7, 2024


Tips to get more likes:
1. The video style can be more TikTok-like (such as effects, music)
2. Share the video with your friends and invite them to interact
3. Use Tiktok’s popular hastags



@prettyfacelele1993 😱OMG!!I had to do a review on Luvme that came in the mail.#luvmehair #tiktok #tiktokviralvideo #lovetheskinyourein #gastricbypass #fyp #wigreview @Luvme Official ♬ original sound - Alicia