Hey y'all, to give back to our loyal customers'love & support of #LuvmeHair brand, we decide to hold Luvme and Me Season 2—Tell the story of you and Luvme, join to win $5000!

How To Join In:

1. Post a picture or video on your own Instagram or Facebook, to share the story between you and Luvme(including: How do you know Luvme Hair, Your Luvme Hair journey, or your review on Luvme Hair, etc. ), and tag @luvmehair, hashtag #luvmeandme;

2. Inbox your Email address to us for later contact after posting(better to put the post link together as well);

3. Everyday we will randomly pick 5 Luvme Babes from all participants to win a $500 gift card in total(each one will get a $100 gift card), in addition, each participant will get $30 coupon code;

4. Everyday’s Luvme Babe will be announced on our website, Facebook page and Instagram in the next day;

5. The event starts on Dec. 06 and ends on Dec. 16. In the 10days, there will be 50 Luvme babes in total, a total bonus of $5000 gift card!  

 Kindly Reminder:

Adding tag and hashtag to the old post is invalid.
You will be considered an effective participant when you publish a new post adding tag and hashtag.


Results of Season 1 Luvme And Me:


So easy to win the gift card! Why not! If any questions, please feel free to contact with us: Michael@luvmehair.com