As we embrace the trends of 2024, shoulder length hair with layers are making a significant statement. These versatile and stylish medium length haircuts can suit various hair types and face shapes, providing a fresh and modern look. From face framing layers to a textured fringe haircut, these styles are perfect for anyone looking to easily update their look.
Below are the top 10 trendy layered shoulder length haircuts for 2024 that you must try. These medium length hairstyles include fashionable and functional options, ensuring you stay ahead of the 2024 hair trends.
For those who want a quick and convenient way to achieve these looks, consider trying Afro Wigs, the PartingMax Glueless Wig, or a classic Bob Wig. These wigs provide an easy way to experiment with different hairstyles and achieve a polished look without commitment.

1. Sleek and Straight

The sleek and straight cut is perfect if you love a polished and sophisticated look. The layers add subtle movement and depth, making your hair look chic and suitable for any occasion.

2. Long Layers

For those who appreciate a bit more length, long layers create a cascading effect that adds volume and texture. This style offers a soft and feminine appearance, making it a versatile option for various hair types. Whether straight or wavy hair, long hair with layers can enhance your natural beauty. Adding face framing layers can further accentuate your features, giving you a fresh and stylish look.

3. Wavy Layers and Caramel Ribbons

Adding wavy layers with caramel ribbons gives your hair a sun-kissed, beachy vibe. This look is ideal for those who want a natural, effortless style with a touch of warmth and dimension.

4. Curly Cut With Baby Bangs

Embrace your natural curls with a curly cut complemented by baby bangs. This playful and bold curly cut with baby bangs adds a modern twist to the traditional curly look, making it a standout choice for 2024. Consider using a short curly wig from the Afro Wigs to achieve this effect. These wigs enhance your natural curls and provide a stunning, voluminous style.

5. Deep Side Part

A deep side part can dramatically transform your layered shoulder-length haircut by adding volume and dimension. This versatile style works well with straight and wavy textures, offering a chic and contemporary appearance. Consider using a deep side part wig from the PartingMax Glueless Wig to achieve this look. These wigs are perfect for deep side part shoulder length styles and side part deep wave hairstyles, providing a seamless and natural finish.

6. Shaggy Cut with Face-Framing Highlights

A shaggy cut with face framing highlights adds an edgy and youthful touch to your look. The layers create a messy, textured appearance, while the highlights beautifully accentuate your facial features. Try incorporating face framing bangs with highlights to enhance your style further for a more striking effect.

7. Blunt Ends with Soft Texture

Blunt ends and soft texture offer a unique, bold, and subtle contrast. This haircut provides a sharp, clean line while maintaining a gentle, tousled finish, perfect for a modern yet casual look.

8. Blunt Layers

For a structured and elegant look, blunt layers are an excellent choice. This cut offers a defined and polished appearance while maintaining the dynamic benefits of layered hair. Perfect for shoulder length hair, a blunt cut with layers adds sophistication without sacrificing volume. Consider blunt hairstyles with layers to achieve a sleek and modern style that stands out. To effortlessly accomplish this look, you can use a wig from Bob Wig, which provides an instant and stylish solution.

9. Full Fringe and Piecey Layers

Combining hair with a full fringe and piecey layers creates a stylish and dynamic look. The fringe highlights your eyes while the layers add movement and texture. This combination is perfect for shoulder length haircuts and is a trendy choice for those wanting a standout style. You should consider full fringe hairstyles to enhance your overall appearance.

10. Smooth Flipped-Under Ends

Smooth flipped-under ends provide a retro-inspired look that is making a strong comeback in 2024. This style adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your shoulder-length hair, perfect for those who appreciate a classic yet modern aesthetic.


The 2024 hair trends offer a range of stylish shoulder length haircuts that enhance natural beauty with added volume and texture. From sleek and straight cuts to playful curly cuts with baby bangs, these medium length hairstyles cater to every taste.
For a quick and convenient way to try these looks, consider using wigs like the Afro Wigs, PartingMax Glueless Wig, or the classic Bob Wig. These wigs allow you to experiment with different styles without a long-term commitment, ensuring you stay fresh and fashionable all year.
July 09, 2024 — IsomTia

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