All participants will get a $40 gift card in this 'Unboxing Luv' TikTok UGC event!!


  1. Post a video on TikTok related to the theme: Unboxing Luv, with the hashtags #luvmehairreview and #luvmeunboxing.
  2. Tag@luvmehair

( The video can be an unboxing/restyle/final look/honest review of any of your Luvme Hair wigs)


  1. All participants will get a $40 GIFT CARD.
  2. 5 lucky winners, win a 7x6 wig FOR FREE.


How to claim your reward?

Plz DM Luvme Hair on TikTok or Facebook with the link to your video to claim your reward once you finished your video on TikTok!

Win a free wig by showing your 'Unboxing Luv' with your Luvme girl on TikTok, let's get involved!

 Date Event Dec. 7- Dec. 17


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December 12, 2023 — Luvme Contributor

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