In the past few months, we've dedicated our efforts to upgrading our brand to better represent who we are. With a refreshed brand identity, position, and promise, we now offer the best hair experience with uncompromising quality wigs at real good prices. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website and logo as part of the ongoing transformation of Luvme Hair.

   As Luvme Hair has grown over the years, we felt it was time for an upgrade. We have upgraded our brand to reflect our journey until today and are excited for the new opportunities the future holds.


Logo Upgrade:

  Our new logo is a refined luxury wordmark, reflecting our commitment to providing superior goods and services. Its clean lines and purple color create an elegant and timeless aesthetic. The icon, a fusion of the letters "L" and "M," symbolizes our belief in providing love, care, and confidence to all women.

   'The new brand is very regal and sophisticated and represents all the beautiful women that they serve.' -- Luvme Hair's loyal customer


Website Makeover:

  Our website has been revamped to provide clear navigation in a modern and organized manner, enhancing the user experience.

  "I like the new categories, the one with the wedding, sport etc. That will help me a lot when it comes to deciding the occasion, and what hair to choose from easily."- Luvme Hair's loyal customer.


Core Value:

  At Luvme, we believe every woman deserves to look and feel her best, regardless of any circumstances. Our mission is to offer uncompromising quality wigs at real good prices, empowering women to express their unique personalities effortlessly.  We understand that confidence is the key, which is why we have tirelessly focused on perfecting the installation, materials, and styles of Luvme Wigs.

  Our ultimate goal is to enable you to effortlessly switch up your look, transcending limitations and embracing the limitless possibilities that await — for, indeed, switching it up is everything.


Final Words:

  Luvme Hair is not just about hair.  We are about empowering women to be their best selves, to take risks, and to never settle for less than they deserve.

  We appreciate your support throughout this transformation. Together, we will redefine beauty and elevate excellence.  Thank you for being an invaluable part of the Luvme Family.

June 05, 2023 — Kate X

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