This summer, Luvme's primary mission is to support effortless self-expression in hot weather. We're achieving this by offering a range of supportive summer options, including our Pre-cut Lace Service, Breathable Cap Wigs, and our highly acclaimed Summer Curls Selection. These new summer offerings have streamlined the installation and style-changing process, making it easier for many of our queens to achieve the look they desire.

To gather genuine reviews of these experiences, we recently hosted the #UnboxtheLuv event on our social media platforms. This special occasion provided our queens with the opportunity to express their thoughts on Luvme's summer offerings. Through this engaging interaction, Luvme continues to enhance the overall experience in a practical manner, while also giving our queens the chance to win gift cards for their next 'switching it up is everything' shopping spree.

Congratulations to our Queens @gemini899046 @mwiza_chipesho @onyxwaitresstae @Rae Green @Tkemah Hamm @meerahz_artistry @Delvonia Blessedandhighlyfavored Campbell @Marrisa Marsha Mendez @Hope Okpanachi @Lattyj Missindependent @Nikki Sweets @hope.okpanachi.7 @ajzee_23 @meechieliche @londamonnee @missindependentlattyj that share this $800 Gift Card Prize!



Hassle-Free Install is Everything!

The most widely shared 'Luv' is for how "easy", "quick", and "put on and go" our Luvme wigs are. These wigs make daily style changes a breeze, allowing for effortless transformations whenever you desire.

Color is in Expectation
If summer is in love with curls, then fall is the season for highlighted colors. Our queens have named the fall shades they are eyeing, ranging from bold blondes and classic honey golds to soft chocolate browns and more.



As the golden Fall season approaches, our queens are seeking lighter and more flattering hairstyles. Luvme is ready to elevate your Fall look with a fresh selection of flattering colors! Explore our Highlight/Ombre collection, featuring well-blended pieces that can enhance your wig collection.

And here's a sneak peek – we have even more fantastic color options in store for you this Fall season. But that's not all! Luvme has something extra special in store for you this September.

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August 16, 2023 — Luvme Contributor

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