“Wigs are a protective style; they can promote hair growth and offer freedom to change Black hair without damaging it. Most importantly, wigs can serve as a form of personal expression.

--- A Voice from the Black Community


Wigs have always sparked diverse opinions and viewpoints. On the positive side, they offer the freedom to change hairstyles, protect natural hair from harmful chemicals, and save time and effort from styling. On the other hand, some accuse wearing wigs of "hating" one's natural hair or being "incapable" of growing or caring for it.

In some cases, black women showcasing their wig collections may face judgment of "wasting money" and be questioned about why they need so many. These types of comments, sometimes even from family members, can lead to self-doubt and make one feel bad about their choices.

For those who find themselves wavering between love and doubt about wigs, let's consider a persuasive perspective from a queen in our community. Maybe you can see wig purchases from a new angle.

Authentic Review: why you should buy wigs
My Spending on Hair Before Wigs

"When my hair was relaxed, I'd go to the shop every 2 or 3 weeks, spending around $125 each time. Let's say that's $250 a month which is about $3000 a year, only to look cute that day and perhaps the next. Can't never get the style exactly how the stylist did, so I'm pretty much tossing away that $125."

My Spending on Wigs
"A wig I paid less for keeps showing me love and with various ones I can change it up and keep it cute for longer than 24 hours. You don't wear the same hairstyle every day for a year, do you? At $1000 in, I'm still $2000 less than if I were going to the salon. I could buy 9 more and still be under that!"


Authentic Review: wigs for switch it up


Managing textured hair can be overwhelming, but wigs offer a more affordable and easy alternative. A good quality wig will provide you with the style, versatility, and durability for a longer time, saving you from spending hours in the salon, money on styling, and overusing chemicals.

When you take control of your hair, you're making a lifestyle out of it. You can choose to go natural and chemical-free or switch up your styles with wigs to match your mood. The freedom to change encourages self-expression and allows you to embrace your hair. Wigs are good investments because, at their core, you investing in yourself.

Queens in our community, who have happily invested in themselves, continue to showcase their positive energy through their hair and self-expression. These beautiful faces reinforce our belief that 'Switching it Up is Everything'. The goal of effortless beauty has kept us at the forefront — delivering uncompromising quality wigs and premium hair in your go-to styles, at a real good price — so you can easily switch it up.


Authentic Review: wigs for switch it up


Authentic Review: wigs for switch it up


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August 02, 2023 — Luvme Contributor

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