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What is quick weave?


The quick knitting technique was developed shortly after Christina Jenkins introduced knitting in the 1950s. Jenkins applied for a patent for her hair weaving process in 1951, and revolutionized the world of hair by introducing it into the sewing process.

What is quick knitting?

Quick knitting is a full-head knitting technique in which the hair curtain is sewn on the hair cap to form a headgear. The entire product is very easy to install and remove.

Advantages of wearing the quick knitting

  1. Quick knitting is cheaper and faster than traditional sewing, and it can also reduce the tightness of natural hair and scalp. Their prices range from $60 to $150, depending on whether you are doing DIY at home or by professionals. This price range is significantly lower than other hair extension styles, such as sewing or box braids, which can cost as much as $250.
  2. Easy to remove. The hair curtain is sewn on the hair cap instead of the natural hair, which is convenient to take off the headgear and change a different styling headgear.
  3. Low maintenance. The maintenance cost for quick knitting is low.

Disadvantages of quick knitting

  1. Damage to your hairline. It occurs when the adhesive or hairspray is in contact with your natural hair or hairline during the installation process.
  2. The use lasts for a long time, and the service life of quick knitting is shorter than that of traditional sewing. Most quick knitting lasts a month.
  3. The risk of hair loss and headgear falling off. Because the hair curtain needs to be cut during the sewing process, the risk of hair falling off at the snip is increased. When the glue loses its viscosity, the headgear will fall off.

Image-of-quick-weave-wig(curls style)

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