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Laailav85's Story

"So alot of people have asked me about my hair. Everyone that knows me, know that I love weave period. I was stuck with one company for years scared to try anybody, no matter what their reviews were like. I been eyeing this hair company for a long time, but I was scared, because I'm like these prices are too good to be true, this is a scam, these are made up reviews. Until one day I was at a football game and saw a girl I knew sitting in front of me, I was like I love your hair where did you get it? She said girl @luvmehair 😱😱😱 I was like really? I have hair in my cart on their site, but I'm scared, she said girl you will love it!!! It's not a scam. I immediately grabbed my phone and went back to the site, but got locked out of my PayPal 😫😫😫 once I got to my car I verified my account with my debit card number and boom😂😂😂 I've been addicted ever since. I see why there are people posting pics with 5 or more wigs😂😂😂 thanks Luvme Hair y'all have a customer forever!!!! #luvmeandme"

 Laailav85, on Nov. 19, 2019

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The wigs she wear: Product Link

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