As the heat goes up, wearing a wig becomes a handful. It's crucial to choose the right wigs and get rid of all the heaviness, stickiness, heating, and sweating.

Luvme Hair Specialist Denise is here for all your troubles and questions of wearing wigs in the Summer!

What Are the Best Wigs for the Summer?

1. Glueless is easiness! Put On & Go! Take Off Easily!

Top tip from Luvme Hair Specialist Denise: Choose glueless wigs for the summer! They are so easy to install that you can just put it on and go. They’re easy to take off so that you can clean your scalp whenever you want. Glueless wigs allow your scalp to breathe freely and your natural hair to be well protected.

Your hair follicles are highly fragile. If the follicles aren’t well taken care of, your hair can easily dry, break and shed. It is of vital importance to keep your scalp under good maintenance! In the summer, the heat and sun rays leads to sweating and oiling on the scalp. When the scalp is not thoroughly cleansed, it will result in itching, shedding of hair, and deterioration of the scalp.


2. Lace wigs are a great choice! 

Top tip from Luvme Hair Specialist Denise: Lace wigs are more breathable and breezier for the head.

Lace wigs can reduce the discomfort of sweating in the summer because they are breathable and can allow air to flow better throughout the wig and take the sweat away. Undetectable lace wigs can melt perfectly into any skin tones and you can part your bangs anyway you like for a breezy forehead.


3. Try short hair!

Top tip from Luvme Hair Specialist Denise: Summer is a great time to upgrade your hairstyles. Try short hair for a cool and sassy new you!

Short hair is perfect for hot days. One can certainly enjoy a cool and chilly summer not having sticky hair around their neck. Short hair is low maintenance and more importantly, they make you look energetic, lively, and zesty.



4. Choose low maintenance wigs that can hold its curls’ shape.

Top tip from Luvme Hair Specialist Denise: For a carefree and relaxed summer, choose low maintenance products that can stay in shape against all of the heat and sweat you may endure.

Your wig’s curls may be subject to change of its shape under the summer sweat. Maintaining your wig in the summer could be tiresome and time-consuming.


Tips for Maintaining Wigs in Summer

1. Do I need to clean my wig frequently in the summer?

Top tip from Luvme Hair Specialist Denise: You need to clean your wig in the summer more often than you may think.

The cleaning itself may bring damage to your wig but it is important to clean them in the summer. Your wig’s cap may be filled with excessive oil or sweat. The stuffy and heated environment is also perfect for germs to amass, even causing inflammation and other forms of discomfort. 


2. Can I use heated curlers or other heated tools to style my wig?

Top tip from Luvme Hair Specialist Denise: Avoid using heated tools in the summer to keep your wig smooth, shiny, and all-in-all healthy.

Your natural hair is naturally protected by oils your skin produce. A wig, on the other hand, may become dry, fragile, and frizzy as time goes by. Summer temperatures could be spiking; therefore, heated tools are not recommended for the risks of drying and dimming the hair.


3. Can I expose the wig under the sun?

Top tip from Luvme Hair Specialist Denise: Avoid exposing your wig to the sun for too long in the summer.

Exposing wigs too long under the scorching sun in the summer can lead to drying, loss of color, and serious damage to your wig.


4. Can I swim in my wig?

Top tip from Luvme Hair Specialist Denise: Wash your wig after you swim with your wig on.

Swimming is popular in the summer, but the salt water from the sea and the chlorine from swimming pools may be harmful to your hair. Chlorine makes your hair dry, whilst salt water causes hair dehydration which could lead to breakage.


It’s crucial to choose the right wig for the hot summer to get rid of all the heaviness, stickiness, heating and sweating! The best wigs for the summer are: glueless, lace front, low maintenance, and short hair wigs.
Wearing wigs in the hot summer can be carefree and comfortable if you know what and where to look!


July 21, 2022 — Camila Witman