Recently, many sisters ask me: "How I Wash and Maintain My Curly Wigs?"

Here's a nice share video and tutorial on how to care curly wigs! Video by@Brandi Lofton

March 01, 2018 — Bowen Lee


Adair Kimbrough said:

Hello I am looking for a straight wig that I can pull up in a ponytail and it looks like I have baby hair in the back and sides. In addition, I want china bangs to be able to be cut into the wig. Or if I can buy like that it would be great. I just bought my first one from Luvme and I would like to stay with the same company. I would like up to 20 inches long. I do not want super thick but not too thin. Thank you in advance.

Triciama said:

Thanks so much for all your help. This was very very helpful.

Triciama said:

Thanks so much for all your help.

Shirley R Chriss said:

That was great I took notes! Thank you so much!

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