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All About Got 2b Glued Gel! How To Use It For Your Lace Wigs? | Luvme Hair

Hi, loves! Today's video is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the GOT2B Glued Gel for your lace wigs. Also in the...

Stylist Secrets Revealed! Flawless Frontal Wig Install GUARANTEED!

NEW 2018 install using the Stocking Cap Method with no hair out. The best way to lay your frontal wig. Video by@Faith...

Edges Secret! Tutorial about How to Blend, Lay, & Slay your edges super natural!

So many ladies are trying to make natural edges when installing a lace wig. But most can't do well. Here's a nice and...

How To Wash and Maintain Your Curly Wigs?

Recently, many sisters ask me: "How I Wash and Maintain My Curly Wigs?" Here's a nice share video and tutorial on how...
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