Tutorial👉️How To Care Your Wig, Wash+Condition+Dry+Style 💝💝 – Luvme Hair

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Tutorial👉️How To Care Your Wig, Wash+Condition+Dry+Style 💝💝

How do you usually wash, condition and care your wigs?🤔

Now a basic tutorial for you👉️How To Care Your Wig, Wash+Condition+Dry+Style 💝💝

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  • Do I need to wash my wig before wearing it. Also, what kind of shampoo should I use?

    Deniese Baisley
  • What kind of hair products to use on the wig

  • I received my hair accessory and wanted to know if it’s okay to wash before wearing it and what is a good shampoo and conditioner to use for it .

    Ethrophic Palmer

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