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1. Q: What sets Luvme Hair's Long Headband Wigs apart from others on the market?
A: Luvme Hair's Long Headband Wigs are designed for superior comfort and style, using only the highest quality hair for a natural and luxurious look.

2. Q: How long does a Long Headband Wig from Luvme Hair typically last?
A: With proper care and handling, our Long Headband Wigs can last for several years, maintaining their shine and volume.

3. Q: Is the length of Luvme's Long Headband Wigs adjustable?
A: While the length is fixed, the headband and cap are adjustable to ensure a snug and comfortable fit for all head sizes.

4. Q: Can Luvme's Long Headband Wigs be styled like natural hair?
A: Absolutely! Our wigs are versatile and can be styled with heat tools, just like your own hair.

5. Q: What type of hair is used in Luvme's Long Headband Wigs?
A: We use 100% virgin human hair in our Long Headband Wigs, ensuring the highest quality and natural appearance.

6. Q: How do I care for my Luvme Long Headband Wig?
A: We recommend gentle washing with a sulfate-free shampoo, followed by air drying for the best results.

7. Q: Can I wear my Luvme Long Headband Wig to bed?
A: Yes, but we recommend using a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction and protect your wig from tangling.

8. Q: Are Luvme's Long Headband Wigs suitable for individuals with sensitive scalps?
A: Yes, our wigs are designed to be comfortable and breathable, making them ideal for sensitive scalps.

9. Q: Can I color my Luvme Long Headband Wig?
A: Yes, our wigs can be dyed or bleached. However, we recommend having this done by a professional to ensure the best results.

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